ENS x Talent Protocol

Talent Protocol is building the resume for the onchain era of the internet and, as the web3 main username, ENS is a foundational partner to make this vision a reality.

ENS and Talent Protocol are both big believers in the interoperability and composability of profile data to make humans more visible online.

Talent Protocol contributes to that vision by unlocking unique and verifiable reputation data that can make talent more visible. It’s called the Talent Passport.

The Talent Passport enables everyone, everywhere to bring their professional reputation onchain. A new type of resume, for a new internet, and a new economy.

The ENS integrations with Talent Passport

For the launch of the Talent Passport, we hand-picked a few trusted partners, with strong builder communities, to be the first ones bringing their professional reputation onchain.

The ENS credential will be automatically available for all users that own an ENS domain as primary name, contributing with a few more points to their Builder Score.

Furthermore, we give users the option to sync their ENS profile data with their Talent Passport, effectively making both profiles interoperable.

Coming soon: tal.eth and tal.id usernames

Talent Protocol is also working with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to offer interoperable web3 usernames to our users.

Users can turn their Talent Passport 0x address into a human-readable username that's supported across web3. All Talent Passport holders will be able to claim their tal.eth and tal.id usernames in the Passport app.

Their username will be associated with their Talent Passport profile, making it easier for others to find and remember you (for example, using maria.tal.id instead of 0x7ec…).

tal.eth usernames are built on ENS infrastructure, using ENS subdomains – so they’re supported across the thousands of apps that support ENS names, even outside of the Talent Protocol ecosystem.

Your tal.id username (username.tal.id) is a “subdomain” tied to Talent Protocol’s Domain Name System (DNS) domain (tal.id), which is also registered under the ENS protocol.

Calling all ENS owners to battle-test Talent Protocol V2

Be the one of the first builders to create a Talent Passport, bring your reputation onchain, and earn rewards for being an early adopter.

If you own an ENS domain, go and check your credential and increase your Builder Score.

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