500+ have already joined the $TALENT Builderdrop.

Bear market vibes may be back, but we have a lot of reasons to feel optimistic at Talent Protocol.

Talent Protocol is distributing 30M $TALENT to builders in an exciting new way. The past months have been kind to us, so we want to give back to early believers and onchain builders.

This is not your typical airdrop

Builderdrop is a game for onchain builders, where the goal is boosting your Builder Score, within a limited period of time, to earn as many $TALENT tokens as possible. Here's how it works:

  • To enter the game, you need to join the community round. Buying a community round ticket not only grants access to the Builderdrop but also includes some $TALENT tokens inside.

  • After purchasing the ticket, your goal is to increase your Builder Score. The higher your Builder Score at the moment the game ends, the more bonus $TALENT you will receive (with 100% unlock on TGE).

  • Talent Protocol will match your $TALENT ticket size with a Builder Bonus that can go up to 3x, depending on your Builder Score and ticket size.

  • The game ends with a snapshot of all Builder Scores, when the Builderdrop prize pool reaches 30M $TALENT. The pool is composed by all the Community Round tickets and the matching tokens from Talent Protocol.

Early $TALENT believers will have a base allocation of tokens, even if they don’t join the community round. We’re rewarding 20+ different criteria, to make the game as fair as possible. Check your base allocation here.

Why should you pay to play?

The goal of the $TALENT Builderdrop is to reward users based on their onchain builder reputation and their commitment to Talent Protocol. Putting skin in the game, by joining the Community Round, is a strong signal of commitment and belief in the future of $TALENT.

Buiderdrops are a new type of distribution mechanism to get tokens into the hands of committed and reputable builders, not farmers and bots.

Crypto needs more Builderdrops

Degens are important, but not enough for crypto to succeed long-term. We also need a critical mass of talented builders creating new onchain products and use cases.

But bots and bad actors are keeping builders away. A lot of the incentives and rewards that could go to real builders are being captured by bots and farmers. This is one reason why crypto isn’t attracting the top talent it could, and why there are still 1,000 times less Web3 devs than traditional ones.

We might not have enough builders to succeed yet, but Talent Protocol has already onboarded half a million of them. Talent Protocol and the $TALENT token identify real builders by aggregating valuable reputation signals, helping organizations recognise and reward the most talented builders.

Builderdrops are just one example of how Talent Protocol can help crypto communities ensure the long-term sustainability of their token.

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