CoinList Airdrop Winners

CoinList x Talent Protocol “Road to TGE” Campaign

For the past weeks, we ran a rewards campaign in partnership with CoinList, which aimed to fine-tune both the protocol design and the Talent Passport App’s UX.

Participants were able to earn XP by completing 45 different quests, at, to earn a share of the 5M $TAL prize pool.

6 of the 45 available quests
6 of the 45 available quests

Quests involved a close collaboration with: Base, Celo, ENS, $DEGEN, Gitcoin, Lens, and Worldcoin.

Overall, the campaign was very effective in battle-testing our protocol, our app, and our community support! As a result, a lot of improvements were shipped and more are on the way.

Campaign Numbers

  • Prize Pool: 5M $TAL

  • Total Participants: 212K+ Unique Active Wallets

  • Quests Completed: 2.5M+

  • Airdrop Winners: 11.7K+ (Talent Passport holders that earned $TAL tokens)

Announcing the Winners

The CoinList “Road to TGE” Rewards Campaign ended on April 22nd, at 23:59 UTC. After that, participants had 24h to double-check the results. You can read the full Terms & Conditions here.


We proceeded to calculate the final leaderboard, by removing non-eligible participants:

  • Participants who didn’t create a Talent Passport

  • Participants who didn't verify their humanity through the quest

  • Wallet addresses associated with multiple Talent Passports

After the final review and calculation, a total of 11,720 participants were considered eligible to receive the airdrop of $TAL tokens.

Winners & Rewards

Go to to check how much $TAL you earned. These results are final.

The top 2,001 eligible participants shared a pool of 2.5M $TAL tokens. Their share is proportional to the XP they earned during the campaign.

  • The top 11 winners all had 3,220 XP, and earned 1,630 $TAL tokens each

  • The average amount of tokens, earned by the top 2,001 winners, was 1,249 $TAL

All other eligible participants (ranking from 2,002 until 11,720) shared a pool of 2M $TAL tokens, proportionally to the individual XP earned during the campaign.

  • The average amount of tokens earned by this group of winners was 206 $TAL

In addition to the quests competition, we also distributed an additional 500K $TAL tokens with 2 giveaways of 200K $TAL each, on Galxe and Coinvise, and 100K $TAL via the weekly Mystery Box on Talent Playground app.

  • Galxe Giveaway: 9,832 participants

  • Coinvise Giveaway: 9,891 participants

Claiming $TAL

All winners will be able to check their virtual $TAL balance on the Talent Playground app during May 2024.

After the $TAL TGE, all rewards will be claimable for 30 days in the Talent Passport wallet, with no vesting period or lock-up conditions.

Claim Your “Road to TGE” NFT

To celebrate the success of the campaign, we created a special NFT collection for all CoinList campaign participants.

These non-transferrable NFTs were launched on April 25th, and are available to mint until April 30th. Claim yours here.

The “Road to TGE” NFTs are divided into 3 editions:

  • the Alpha edition is exclusively reserved for the top 2,001 winners of the campaign

  • the Beta edition is awarded to all eligible winners beyond the top 2,001

  • and the Gamma edition is available to all other participants who connected a wallet

Each participant can mint only one NFT.

What’s next…

We are launching a new rewards campaign, aimed at onchain builders, going live on May 1st. Stay tuned because this one will be even bigger.

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