Celo x Talent Protocol

United in our commitment to bring talent onchain.

Talent Protocol is building the resume for the onchain era of the internet, and the Celo ecosystem is a foundational partner in making this vision a reality.

The Celo community and Talent Protocol strive to create a world where everyone has equal access to the conditions to prosper and reach their full potential. We believe each and every individual has a unique path and purpose, where personal fulfillment of that path largely depends on the tools they have access to.

To make human potential more visible, Talent Protocol uses blockchain to unlock rich, verifiable reputation data that doesn't exist online. We call it the Talent Passport.

The Celo credential on the Talent Passport

For the pre-launch of the Talent Passport, we hand-picked a few trusted partners, with strong builder communities, to be the first ones bringing their professional reputation onchain.

We’re launching the Talent Passport with a custom credential for Celo Developers, automatically attributed to all wallets that have deployed a smart contract on Celo (mainnet or testnet), that is verified and with transactions.

Talent Protocol is also actively exploring the MiniPay ecosystem, and working on a way to bring more visibility and opportunities to the 2M+ users of the self-custodial stablecoin wallet built by Opera on Celo.

Celo and Talent Protocol go way back.

Talent Protocol first joined the Celo ecosystem to bring visibility and prosperity to talent worldwide.

Since launching as one of the first SocialFi apps in Web3, the growth of Talent Protocol has been supported hands-on by the Celo ecosystem. The Talent Playground, the most active app in the Talent Protocol ecosystem, continues to run smoothly on Celo since its mainnet launch in November 2021. Through the Talent Playground on Celo users can bet on other people’s goals and predict who will win a scholarship.

The history of collaboration and support is just the beginning of the shared journey between the Celo ecosystem and Talent Protocol as we bring more talent onchain.

Calling all Celo builders to battle-test Talent Protocol V2.

Be one of the first builders to create a Talent Passport, bring your reputation onchain, and earn rewards for being an early adopter.

Join the campaign here.

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