$TALENT Community Round

Following an exciting month of June, marked by the Summer of $TALENT Airdrop checker and reaching the milestone of 500,000 Talent Passports issued, it’s time for the $TALENT Community Round.

The $TALENT Community Round is the last opportunity to purchase $TALENT before TGE.

The $TALENT token is the incentive to create and curate high quality data, and the coordination mechanism that keeps the Talent Protocol ecosystem clean from bots and bad data.

Here are some example use cases:

  • users can stake $TALENT to increase trust on a Talent Passport

  • users can spend $TALENT to collect talent

  • users can stake & earn $TALENT to become curators (scout talent and flag bad actors)

  • developers can stake & earn $TALENT for building new Talent Passport credentials

  • apps can stake & earn $TALENT for writing new reputation data to the protocol

  • apps can spend $TALENT to access a “premium” version of the API

The $TALENT Community Round has a dedicated website, with all the details. When the round opens, this website will allow users to deposit the funds for the purchase of tokens.

How to buy $TALENT

The round begins on July 5th, 2024, at 14:00 UTC at Community Round website. It will operate on a FCFS basis with 4 allocation options ($100, $250, $500, and $1000). One option per person. Allocation payments can only be made in USDC on Base, followed by a KYC process with Fractal ID once the purchase is successful. The structure of the round is as follows:

  • Allocation: 20,000,000 $TALENT tokens (3.3% of the total token supply)

  • Price: $0.065

  • Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $39,000,000

  • Lockup & Release: 25% unlock on TGE followed by a 3-month linear release;

  • TGE is expected to occur before the end of Summer, 2024

All those who purchase $TALENT with $250 or more in the Community Round will qualify for the $TALENT Summer Airdrop. Airdropped $TALENT tokens will not have any vesting or lock-up periods. Read more about Summer Airdrop distribution and eligibility here.

$TALENT Tokenomics

$TALENT is the native token of the Talent Protocol ecosystem. It acts as Utility and Governance Token and is intimately integrated with the overall protocol functionality and business model.

$TALENT is the fuel powering high quality reputation data. By staking $TALENT, apps can write new reputation data to the protocol, and curators can review profiles and flag suspicious behaviour.

$TALENT Token Distribution

Talent Protocol is focused on building value within the community, therefore, the largest token allocation is reserved for the Community.

$TALENT Release Schedule

$TALENT token full circulation happens three years (37 months) post-TGE.

The vesting schedules for each participant have been designed to create long-term value for the project and generate overall market confidence.

High Float, Low FDV

Our approach (High Float, Low FDV) to the tokenomics is to focus on:

  • Long-term stability of the token price.

  • Reducing sell pressure.

  • Decreasing inflation.

  • Increasing the project longevity.

This strategy will create a better environment for delivering long-term value to token holders. Dive deeper into the $TALENT economy in our whitepaper.

Why crypto needs $TALENT

Degens are important, but not enough for crypto to succeed long-term. We also need a critical mass of talented builders creating new onchain products and use cases.

But bots and bad actors are keeping builders away. A lot of the the incentives and rewards that could go to real builders are being captured by farmers. This is one reason why crypto isn’t attracting the top talent it could, and why there are still 1,000 times less web3 devs than traditional devs.

We might not have enough builders to succeed yet, but Talent Protocol already onboarded half a million of them. Talent Protocol and the $TALENT token identify real builders by aggregating valuable reputation signals, helping organizations recognise and reward the most talented builders.

Supporting $TALENT is supporting the future of crypto.

Join the Talent Protocol community:

Legal Disclaimer

Excluded Jurisdictions: United States of America, Canada, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cuba, Islamic Republic of Iran and Syrian Arab Republic.

Citizens* of excluded jurisdictions are not able to participate in the Community Round.*

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