Tarotsings Soul Tribe

Welcome to the Astral Realm!!!

My name is TAROT, an artist, songwriter, producer, and Founder of the Tarotsings Soul Tribe & Astral Realm. My vision is to cultivate a community empowered by music, innovation, and evolution. As an independent artist, I am rewriting the script by building a whole universe for my music and creative vision to exist, while giving back to the supporters and fans that have been here since day one along the way.

The Soul Tribe is made up of those who have collected a 1-1 Music NFT apart of the Tarotsings 28 Day Music NFT Marathon listed on Zora

or 1/11 editions of the Imaginary Friend Music Video NFT on Glass.xyz.

The Soul Tribe has access to private channels on Discord where they get a front row seat and opportunity to participate in the process of releasing my debut album to the public. Soul Tribe utilities include and are not limited to personal Tarot Card readings from me, exclusive TAROT merchandise drops, voting privileges on decisions such as which single gets a music video off the record, and much more as we continue to build. So far the soul tribe is made up of extraordinary talent in the web 3 space, and I anticipate the tribe to only continue to grow with likeminded thinkers who want to be apart of something bigger than ones self. There is utility being built within the Soul Tribe itself, further expanding the opportunity for this community to thrive!

As I expand the astral realm, there are only up to 39 spots available to hold in the Soul Tribe. The Soul Tribe is essentially a board of collectors who hold the earliest stake in my artist career. As time progresses, these individuals will be prioritized when it comes to upcoming projects and exclusive perks.

At the end of the day, making music is my absolute passion. The Soul Tribe allows me to embark on my crazy ideas and expand my creative vision into something bigger than I could ever imagine. Since entering the web 3 space just a couple months ago, I have connected with my inner child again and am having the time of my life connecting the dots in order to bring my vision to life. I appreciate every single one of my collectors from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and joining in on the journey.

The goal is to utilize the opportunity of web 3 to break out as an artist with my debut album in web 2. This album will be an entire hybrid experience between both web 2 & web 3, bridging the gap and paving the way for future artists. I truly believe we can inspire change in the music industry by bringing back value to the the creators and art once again. As the Soul Tribe knows… I dream big and I’m eager to perform.

All are welcome :)

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