How to Mint a Starter Pack

Mint Schedule

Private Sale

  • Thursday June 9th, 8pm EST
  • 1 pack per wallet

Public Sale

  • Friday June 10th, 5pm EST
  • 1 pack per wallet


  • Monday June 13th, 5pm EST
  • Open your packs and reveal 5 athlete NFTs

Background - What’s a Starter Pack?

A TeamDiff Starter Pack contains 5 LCS athlete NFTs - one of each position (top, mid, jungle, adc, support) to form a team.

The TeamDiff Starter Pack is a free mint on Polygon, so you can play fantasy free of charge when LCS launches. You’ll only have to pay gas fees, no more than a fraction of a MATIC token.

Once you acquire a pack, you’ll be able to open it and reveal 5 cards a few days after mint. If you’re late, or want more cards, you’ll be able to buy on the secondary market on your choice of NFT marketplace.


Prerequisite: Have MATIC Tokens in your Polygon Wallet

Read our previous article on converting fiat to MATIC (and USDC) on Polygon to learn about purchasing crypto, bridging, and preparing to join a TeamDiff league.

Step 1: Connect wallet and navigate to Mint page

Click “Connect wallet” in the top right corner to interact with our web3 app. Approve the connection in Metamask and then click “Mint” to arrive on the relevant page.

Step 2: Mint your pack

If you’re on TeamDiff’s Allowlist, you’ll be able to mint a pack on June 9th. Otherwise, wait for the public sale on June 10th. Assuming you’re trying to mint after one of these times, Metamask will quote you a gas (transaction) fee in MATIC to confirm the transaction. It should be somewhere in the .005-.01 MATIC range, so no need to have more than a handful of MATIC tokens to pay for all potential gas fees.

Go ahead and confirm this transaction, and within a minute, you’ll have minted your NFT.

Step 3: View your Starter Pack and tweet us @teamdiffxyz

Congrats! You’re now the proud owner of a TeamDiff Starter Pack. Once your pack is minted, you can check it out on Opensea (there will be a link to do so). In a few days, you’ll be able to open it and reveal 5 athlete NFTs usable in a roster.

Once you see your pack, show it off on Twitter! Make sure to tag @teamdiffxyz so we can show your tweet some love.

Step 4: Open your Starter Pack

On June 12th, you’ll be able to open your starter pack and reveal 5 athlete NFTs that can be used to build your roster. Once packs are opened and you reveal your NFTs, you can sell them on OpenSea and/or buy other cards to build variable rosters within your league(s).

To open, navigate to “Open” tab and burn your starter pack to reveal 5 athlete NFTs. Once your pack is opened, check out your collection on the TeamDiff webapp, and begin building your roster to prepare for the June 17th launch of the LCS summer split.

Questions? DM us on twitter!

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