Mirror launches "Subscribe to mint" feature in early access

Mirror has announced that their latest feature, "Subscribe to Mint" will be in community beta for the next two weeks. This new feature will only be accessible to Mirror Genesis NFT holders, who will need to collect the NFT in order to unlock early access to the tool, future product updates, and beta features. With the beta testing phase underway, users can look forward to experiencing this new feature firsthand and helping to shape its development.

"Subscribe to Mint" allows creators to require an email subscription upon minting.

"In order to mint, a collector needs to subscribe to a creator’s Mirror publication with their email, bootstrapping a communication channel for creators to engage collectors on a recurring basis."

This launch comes along with a drop of the first Mirror NFT which can be purchased almost at a gas fee price and will be a very valuable asset for all beta testers and early adopters.

For TestingCatalog, I did an attempt to set it up but faced the need to bridge MATIC from the Ethereum network to Polygon which required a higher gas fee than I was expecting, so I will give it a try a bit later and give it a further update.

📲 Mirror.xyz is a web3 publishing platform for writers and bloggers where individual posts can be purchased as NFTs or gated only for token owners.

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