The Black DAO Presents: Friends of Basquiat NFT
April 18th, 2022

With the upcoming launch of our reserve currency protocol and yield aggregator, Blk Finance, The Black DAO is partnering with a number of organizations to support the launch of a joint promotional NFT collection. Our goal is to form a common bond between the many flourishing diaspora culture-based collectives and our DeFi platform which would act as the central hub to organize the culture's collective purchasing power within Web3. 

As our first collection, we will focus on honoring one of the most prominent and highest selling (post-mortem) Black painters and artists of all time, Jean Michael-Basquiat, in collaboration with Animation and NFT artist HighWestHus.

These generative pieces will include elements inspired by his signature style of abstract expression while also including attributes representing diversity and inclusion. Effectively giving our platform an aesthetic identity outside of our economic structure and mission, while also providing a bridge for funding of the existing Black creative communities currently existing in Web3.

Mint Price: TBD ETH
Editions: 10,000
Attributes: 200+

Similar to popular art generating reserve currency projects, such as Squid DAO, this collection aims to bring a stream of revenue to our DAO’s treasury, and support our commitment to funding Black and African creatives. In addition, these tokens will act as a non-inflationary tool for the redistribution of treasury wealth (by doubling as a bonding token), entitling the holders to the same level of rewards as our native token stakers.

More information on our partnered organizations will be released over the coming weeks. Our hopes is that the collection will serve as a sustainable solution and product to assist investors, collectors, artists, and organizations in organizing our collective purchasing power in funding a cohesive cultural ecosystem for all Black and African Web3 participants to thrive!

We’re excited for your participation!

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