BLK Finance Update: Spade Solidity Audits
April 13th, 2022

From the genesis of the Black DAO’s original concept, security has been on the front of our minds while pursing our mission of support Black and African communities through the power of Web3. With the completion of the development of our reserve currency protocol, BLK Finance, we’re excited to announce that we’ve begun contracting with leading auditing firm, Spade Solidity Audits, to handle the due diligence behind auditing the protocol’s smart contracts

Spade reports represent an extensive auditing process intending to help customers increase the quality of their code while reducing the high level of risk presented by cryptographic tokens and blockchain technology. In order to do this, they will complete a line-by-line review of our code and a comprehensive test simulation of our smart contracts and provide feedback for any critical issues found.

This audit is the first step in providing safety and protection to our community of supporters.

We’re excited to have Spade be a part of that story!

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