How to create a nice community?

NOT your fault! Take it easy.

As a community leader it is normal to feel guilty about the responsibilities of the rest of the team. Why? Because you are the person who is standing up in the community. Together with your team of Community Managers, MODs, Collab Managers, we are the ones who are fighting for the project we work with to go ahead, we are not gods, so don't worry, it's okay to fail! You are not guilty of the mistakes of the Founders or Devs, but you are guilty of not creating a safe, healthy and friendly community. Having a healthy community is everything. As a community leader, you are NOT here to give orders or to ask, How are things? NO, not at all, you are responsible for creating a successful team, having the best MOD, the best Collab Manager and the best Community Manager. Your experience within the crypto space will make you meet more people, and from those people you will create a team. A good team.

How to create a healthy community?

Everything starts from the moment your collaborations arrive. Identify the Fuders, bots, members that are not worth it and ban them, it will be the best for you!

Talk to them! Know your community, apart from being a community leader I am also a UX designer. And knowing what the public wants will help you have a better result when you are proposing something to the founders of the project. It is easier to sell a product that provides a utility to the community and it is even more useful if the community tells you how they would like that project to be.

The games!!!!!!!!!!!

Rumble, Gartic, conquests, and others will create relationships in your community, knowing their likes, who they are, what they like, how they think, for me, the best way to create relationships and community is through games!

Write daily, don't just show up when it's time to mint, always write and be a priority within the space, jokes, trends, news, all this will help you have a great community.

Give them WL, roles not money (only if you sold out already) or sometimes
Give them WL, roles not money (only if you sold out already) or sometimes

How to act in difficult situations?

Creating a healthy community will protect you and build trust in your name and in your community. I recently worked with a project, which gave me and my team 1 month to build a community. Accepting the challenge we built a community of more than 7k members on Discord and 8k followers on Twitter.

The day of the mint has arrived for this project. Without going too long, the mintingsite was useless… for nothing. So the Devs, they were trying to get their Dapp working. Meanwhile, as a community leader, I was the first to calm everyone down and propose solutions for the Devs.

Show yourself! Interact with your community
Show yourself! Interact with your community

If you build all of the above at times like the failures of the Devs, founders, and other people on the team. The community will support and understand you:

Fast action against bad decisions
Fast action against bad decisions

The things you say are a promise, keep them!

Remember the things that work and things that don't, and apply them to the project!

0 WL overallocated, time to mint etc

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