Announcing the improved project listing process on The Dapp List

Welcome to a special product update blog 👋

After gathering community feedback and brainstorming on new ideas, today we are happy to share updates on the listing process. In this blog, we will walk you through the changes, what it means for you, and why we are making this transition.

The update in a nutshell

Let's get straight to the heart of the matter.

The major change is that proposals are no longer bounded by the weekly voting period. They go live for voting as soon as you submit it. They don't have to stay idle until the next Monday to go live for voting. Now, the moment a proposal is submitted, it's live for voting.

When the proposal gets a minimum of 50 votes, it's a done deal - the project is listed! And that’s not it, you can vote on projects to show your support even after they are listed.

Our motivations behind the update

More people, projects, chains, and communities have shown interest in what we have been building in recent months. This has boosted both overall participation and the amount of proposals submitted each week, indicating that we are on the right track. However, as the number of proposals and contributors grew, we saw that we needed to scale our platform to keep up.

We brainstormed internally, asked for thoughts from the community, and sought feedback from proposed projects. Based on this, we found that the existing procedure for listing a project could be improved to allow for more projects to be listed while still adhering to our basic philosophy of showcasing new projects every week (every day now!) and fostering community governance.

The updated listing process explained

The friction between your proposal and the community is completely removed with the latest update. The entire listing process is streamlined for a more fluid experience.

Proposals won't stay idle anymore

In the old process, proposals had to stay idle in the "Upcoming proposals" section until the next Monday. Unfortunately, sometimes this led to a drop in enthusiasm among proposer and project communities. In rare cases, some proposals entirely fell off the radar as well.

This entire process is now skipped and your proposal instantly goes live the second you hit the "Submit proposal" button. The community can vote on your proposal from the very moment you submit it!

The end of week-long voting

The week-long voting period turned out to be unsuitable for a wide variety of projects being proposed on the platform. Projects with larger communities were able to gather votes at the start of the week itself. Yet, they had to wait until the next week to get listed. In contrast, early-stage projects found seven days exhausting to gather significant votes needed to get listed.

Also, our community members and project builders reached out to us saying it was overwhelming to keep track of the status of the proposal for around two weeks.

With the new update, we have removed the whole concept of the week-long voting period.

Now, your proposal will get listed only when it receives 50 votes. There is no restriction on how many days should it take to reach 50 goals.

Note: The voting threshold could change in the future. We will keep you posted.

The top-five listing cap is removed

As the proposal is not restricted to the voting period anymore, there won't be a restriction on how many projects are being listed every week.

Hence, the previous mechanism that was used to list five top-voted projects is discontinued. From now onward, the proposal will only get listed when it reaches a certain threshold in the vote count. Currently, the vote threshold is set at 50.

This means the number of projects getting listed on the platform would vary from week to week. Also, the listing will solely be based on crossing the threshold and not on being in the top five list.

Closing notes

We are optimistic that the update in the voting mechanism would benefit both contributors and projects. The new mechanism is live on the platform as you are reading this. You can go and check it now to see the new changes yourself.

If you find any bugs, or unnoticed caveats or have any suggestions, feel free to report a bug or request a new feature. Or you can hop into our community and talk to us freely! We are all ears for the new changes you bring to us…

🦉 start curating today!

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