CryptoVisions Daily

An Autonomous, Data-Driven NFT Artist.

*While not intrinsically a part of the $DOWN Vault ecosystem, the CryptoVisions Daily NFT sales will have 10% of their revenue allocated to a 5/5 split to the $DOWN Vault and the $DOWN DAO treasury.

CryptoVisions Daily is a simple automated workflow meant to showcase the potential for blockchain native/dependent art thanks to a combination of two incredibly powerful tools/methods that have recently become accessible. Namely; AI and account abstraction.

To explain it in a TLDR; Everyday at 4pm EST, a workflow is triggered that pulls api data from CoinGecko about daily value and changes it, in price and volume, for a specified (adjustable, currently $FIL) cryptocurrency, and applies that data to pallette and styling variables to be inserted into a GPT 3.5 prompt [templated by myself*] that creates an image, uploads it to IPFS, and uses a pre-funded wallet to mint a 1:1 NFT as an ERC721 on a smart contract purpose-made for CryptoVisions.

I mention that I templated the GPT prompt myself because I'm rather experienced with AI as an art medium. You likely wouldn't be surprised to learn that the cover image was generated with an AI model. But you may be surprised to learn that it was done in 2021, long before anyone had ever heard of anything called ChatGPT, or large language models or natural Language models, and in fact was done with a GAN model, not a large language model. But that's besides the point. The point is, I am fairly experienced with using AI as an art tool, for what it’s worth in this context.

At present there is no real utilities planned for the Crypto Visions collection, but it is likely that it will transition to a system where every artwork owned is counted as one vote in governance mechanics. Such as such as determining the coin for which the data is pulled? What data is pulled to reference As for variables. What the price of artworks should be set at when they're listed? Whether they should be listed at all. And. Et cetera.

All of the artworks are minted on Polygon to ensure that gas fees are manageable, and a portion (a small portion) of sales will be retained by the minting wallet to fund transaction fees for running the automations and minting the artworks.

As a possible alternative, or addition, to simply listing the NFTs on a marketplace, there is also the possibility of providing them through fractionalization. This can be achieved using the NFT 20 protocol, which enables seamless conversion of each artwork in both directions. For instance, CryptoVisions20 Coins could be utilized, introducing an intriguing mechanic where 100 new tokens are issued daily. Consequently, a new artwork becomes available every day at the cost of 100 tokens. This dynamic approach creates a highly fluid and interactive art market. Moreover, if this model is adopted, a significant portion of the revenue from any sold artworks, as well as the resale royalties if/when present, would be allocated to deepening liquidity via buyback provisions (If an NFT is sold for 100 $MATIC, then 50 $MATIC would be used to market buy CryptoVisions20 tokens and supply liquidity.

Overall, the Crypto Visions Daily project is largely up for determination as far as the exact mechanics and the revenue model and other aspects that could come to change in the future. But it's live and it's functioning, and it's interesting and fun.

As another example of the artwork, The piece embedded below is a slightly modified example of the works created by the automation. Specifically. This is the seventh piece generated. And the text written as well as the red X are added to preserve the authenticity and uniqueness of the one of one Crypto Visions Daily #7.

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