Adventure of Mr.RPGF (Comic)

From Plasma Group to the Optimism Foundation,
the story of RPGF idea didn't happen overnight but through the direct experiences of its founders who faced capital shortages in building open-source project. This made Optimism realize that funding can empower people to pursue their passions and benefit the world in meaningful ways.

Impact = Profit 🔴✨

This is the starting point for illustrating this story through a comic, a collaborative experimental project between me and fellow artists who want to convey a narrative that is more digestible. 95% of the income from drawing will be given to RPGF.

on EP.1 the result is quite impressive: 49 NFTs were minted, and 0.301 ETH was sent to the RPGF address.

EP. 2 - 3 is out now

and the story is begin

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