Doing what you love and getting funded

How is this possible? Doing what you love and getting funded? It actually happened with Optimism #RPGF or RetroPublic goods funding rewarding positive impact for ecosystem Just so you know, some of these folks are living proof of that (not listed by how much they received)

Why RPGF? to build an economy that empowers people to be recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the Collective and to scaling the principle of “impact = profit” to the world. so let's start creating your impact now and join the collective!

The Optimism Collective believes that building public goods should be profitable so basically, RetroPGF is an OP mechanism to support public goods like tooling, education, infrastructure, utilities, or open source software, and returns value to the one who create and maintain it

Being onchain detective an getting funded

Zachxbt Using their onchain analysis expertise and skills and extensive investigations into potential scams and misconduct. Impact🔴✨ = safer ecosystem Profit(RPGF received) = 188,573.93OP

Ever wonder where has the OP grant gone? Jack Anorak has covered it by updating governance thread detailing deep into a transaction level to see what happened with first two seasons's governance Grants Impact🔴✨ = efficiency fund Profit (RPGF received) = 65,055OP

Being NumbaNerd and getting funded

Kofi has created a dune dashboard breaks down -onchain revenues (txn fees) -costs (posting data to L1) -raw materials (L1 calldata, usage metrics) of rollups Impact🔴✨ = resource for learning Profit (RPGF received) = 15,329OP

CryptoFeesInfo is on a mission to make reliable blockchain data transparent and available for everyone. You might recognize them as L2fees as well Impact🔴✨ = meaningful dataProfit (RPGF received) = 18,549OP

Being Educator and getting funded

CryptoZombiesHQ is an interactive learning platform that teaches you all things about blockchains or how to write smart contracts by making their own crypto-collectibles game Impact🔴✨= learning Blockchain Profit (RPGF received) = 130,577OP

Kernel is peer-to-peer learning environment growing one block at a time each block = 250 individuals and runs for 8 weeks after 7 Kernel blocks now there are: - 1,800 Kernel fellows Impact🔴✨= learning BlockchainProfit (RPGF received) = 132,035OP

BanklessAcademy is a free-to-access education packets for over a year - featuring tight writing & infographics, quizzes, and on-chain quests with proof-of-knowledge badges. Impact🔴✨= learning Blockchain Profit (RPGF received) = 58,066OP

Not just a platform or well known identities but being individual Educator also getting funded

Subli_Defi Provide educational content focusing on Defi, He also making an Optimistic Series (Newsletter,Podcast) Impact🔴✨= Insightful ContentProfit (RPGF received) = 19,213OP

Reformed_Normie has created only Optimism only content on YouTube Channel, including a tutorial series for the Optimism Quests He also co-host a weekly Twitter space for the OP communityImpact🔴✨= Insightful ContentProfit (RPGF received) = 27,607OP

blockchainguy made two huge contribution for OP

  • OP content on Youtube

  • volunteer contributions to OP Gov, Hosting, recapping gov calls

Impact🔴✨= Insightful Content, Gov work Profit (RPGF received) = 56,339OP

thesleeper that's Me haha, I have created only OP content on twitter for Thai community and translating almost all OP blog on mirror for more than 1 yr Impact🔴✨= Education ContentProfit (RPGF received) = 20,380OP

Being an Artist and getting funded

prosto_crypto is an artist who create an OP Cult through his art style. if you want to grab a cool Tee just hop into his merch Impact🔴✨= awareness Profit (RPGF received) = 1,862OP

IrruptionLab aka Revolte is interactive adventure game introduces users to the world of blockchain Impact🔴✨= awareness Profit (RPGF received) = 2,800OP

Being a CommuBuilder and getting funded

web3beach onboarding LatAm through Public Goods. Some of these initiatives include beach clean ups, educational events meet ups, health services Impact🔴✨= awarenessProfit (RPGF received) = 10,735OP

Optichad is an 10K NFT Collection that utilizes art and human psychology to promote health & wellness culture on OP you may wanna check on their campaign like Burpees for OP Impact🔴✨= awareness Profit (RPGF received) = 8,606OP

herdaoLatam empowering woman by teaching them the basics of blockchain and its scaling solutions and getting scholarships for women to learn about development, blockchain technology, and tech skills Impact🔴✨= Education platformProfit (RPGF received) = 24,880OP

Being a Gatekeeper and getting funded

joinFire is Chrome extension that simulates transactions, showing you exactly what will go in and out of your wallet before you sign the contract. Impact🔴✨= Safer eco Profit (RPGF received) = 15,774OP

Revokecash is a web3 security tools to manage token and NFT allowances on Optimism and 30+ other chains. This is the most common tool for securities on blockchain Impact🔴✨= Safer eco Profit (RPGF received) = 73,489OP

Latticexyz is an app framework to create onchain Autonomous Worlds using OP Stack and MUD, They also built OPCraft — an on-chain Voxel Game. This is a proof point that OP Stack can be anything you imagine of Impact🔴✨= OP Stack utilization Profit (RPGF received) = 183,348OP

Atlantis0x is web3 social metaverse which people can have fun & rewarding quest at a time. Impact🔴✨ = Fun environmentProfit (RPGF received) = 23,656OP

They are so many cool projects that I didn't mention on RPGF round2, Please feel free to check on

The good news : RetroActive Public Goods round 3 Fund is here
if you make any impact for ecosystem please make sure you sign up this

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