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Hi, I’m The Uberhuman. I’ve been around for a long time, observing, learning and applying the skills I’ve seen. I am a deaf man with a history of working in UK Politics, Start-ups, Educational institutions, Charities and as a Public Speaker.

I have been using twitter since 2010, I was one of the first people on Twitter who saw its value proposition for businesses when the 2008 Market crash led to an uprising of start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Back then, twitter worked for entrepreneurs and start-ups exactly as it works now for Web3-- thousands of people connecting, collaborating and building their dreams with people they’d never met before.

In fact, I co-founded my former company with two people I’d met on twitter. One lived in Windsor and the other lived in Manchester. Together, the three of us can attest to having impacted the lives of 100,000 people in the three years we worked together.

Twitter lost a bit of its usefulness as the Start-up industry began to mature and more regulations came in. Then, when apps like Instagram and TikTok came around there was a massive exodus to these apps. I was one of those people who left my 1.8k following on twitter behind to create a community on Instagram. On discovering Web3, I’ve returned to Twitter only to feel like, I’ve returned to 2010 and the same possibilities have been made anew with tons more scope for growth.

I chose to write a series of articles that leverage my personal experience to show you, the reader, how:

  • Your personal talent
  • Your skills
  • Your life experiences

Can be leveraged in a multitude of ways to build a strong community and gain access to endless opportunities on Twitter.

The Lost Art of Leveraging Personal Value

If you are new to NFTs, it is very likely that you came into the space via one social media platform or another, but the hub of the NFT community is undeniably, Twitter.

In this article I attempt to give you, the reader, a simple understanding of how you can mine your own life experiences for Value you can add to Web3 and the NFT community.

I’m often asked how I manage my Twitter and what my ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ are. The fascinating thing about this question is that I’ve been using Twitter since its conception, so I have an expansive understanding of how Twitter has evolved over time. However, until I got into the NFT space, I hadn’t been using Twitter since 2015.

The reason for this was the emergence of Instagram. I got addicted to Instagram really quickly and it fit with what I was doing at the time — fitness. So, I used Instagram to post videos of my fitness journey. However, over the last few years, I’ve become increasingly jaded by Instagram — to the point of deleting over 5k posts in December 2021 (I only have 5 now).

So back in 2015, I left 1.8k Twitter followers behind, jumped over to instagram where I built a 2.7k following and now, I’m back to Twitter having increased my following to 2.6k in the Web3 community. How do I manage this? That’s what we are going to discuss right now.

The Lost Art of Value

It is ironic, that I would title this the “lost art” of value considering that 100% of the NFT space depends on our ability to value projects but, work with me here.

When you speak of value in the NFT space are you thinking about money or are you thinking of skills, insights & experiences that can be just as, if not more, valuable than money?

This is an important point to consider, because if you choose the former, then your capacity to add value is extremely limited in this space. Value has never really been about money on a human level.

On a human level, value is about what you can share with me that benefits me and what I can share with you that benefits you. This is a very basic and simple value exchange. This is the thinking behind the latter perspective of value.

However, in a world where viral media has forced us to value external things over the internal. Yes, I know this sounds like a corny Disney movie but the value this space needs right now sits within each of us — there is no precedent for what we have set out to achieve in Web3.

In fact, it could be argued that coming from a hyper-viral world of Instagram and TikTok, each of us is struggling to reframe our own personal values and therefore may struggle to determine what our Web3 values are, so… lets’s start there.

Determining Your Personal Values

I’m going to list down my personal values and show you how those values are infused in everything I do on Twitter and how this impacts my value proposition in the space. If you can learn to mine your own experiences and determine what your values are, you can do wonderful things and have amazing impact in the space.

Social Human Value

Human values are what, in my humble opinion, runs through the veins of Web3 --please do not mistaken, human values for social or societal values, these are not the same thing. When I speak of human value, I’m writing in the context of you, the individual-- what are your values?

In a world of viral media, I posit that many of us lost sight of our values; caught up in the whirlwind of endless streams of valueless content. Then, COVID happened. We were over-consuming content in order to survive but in the end, there was no real value being generated.

So what value proposition does Web3 provide to the Web3 community and the rest of the world? I know I’m meant to be writing about Twitter but I want you to think really deeply about these things because as one of the earliest to the Web3 space, you have so much potential to create the world you’ve always wanted to see and Twitter is a huge part of the doorway to that reality.

So bringing the conversation back to twitter and your values, on a human level--not a business level; not a project level.

I want you to think about what personal values you are bringing to Web3

Here are my core values:

  • Positive Mindset
  • Better habits
  • Ease of Access
  • Peace of Mind
  • Simplicity
  • Communal Growth

These are what I value the most at this moment in time. These values underly everything I have done and everything I plan to do in Web3. These are the values I’m carrying with me every day. When I tweet or engage in a Twitter space, these values are tethering me to my true self and allowing me to express who I am unapologetically. This, in return is creating amazing amounts of value for both myself and others.

In fact, this very blog adds to my vale proposition in the space. Let’s explore:

Positive Mindsets: I see Web3 as an opportunity to create a new world that adopts a new way of thinking. The Old Ways of Web2 led us into a wormhole of toxicity and negativity. I am coming out of my Dark Night of the Soul. I’ve been existing in an incredibly negative space for over a decade. Then seeing the collective negativity we endured over the last two years, it feels like a reset; an opportunity to do it reassess how we have been doing things and make a choice to do it better-- Web3 is making that possible every day.

So, in seeing what is being created in Web3 — I feel incredibly responsible, on an individual level, for bringing positivity and positive mindsets to the space.

Better Habits: There is one thing that rings loud in my mind about Web2. That is how many founding teams of the biggest social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, initially, had no idea of the impact their products were having on the collective mental health of millions around the world. It must be remembered that these platforms started very similarly to how Web3 is starting-- by exploring innovative ways to bring people together. The difference, in my opinion, is that Web3 also unlocks our capacity to make money wherever we are in the world and also converge around ideas and values dear to us.

So I seek to call the community to better habits through my example. I blog about my experiences in Web3 and share lessons learned from them so that the community can collectively create and forge better habits moving forward.

Ease of Access: This is a very personal value because I am an Oral Deaf man who has suffered from lack of access in a multitude of ways, so I champion Accessibility and Ease of Access in my tweets, too. Again, thinking back to facebook and instagram, I was unable to engage with their video content because subtitles and captioning was not available. As Web3 moves forward and we get excited about the next phase in tech advancements, will we make the same mistakes as our forebears? Well, if I’m adding value by sharing tips to make the space accessible then, that can go a long way to ensuring the space builds with these things in mind.

Simplicity: Simplicity is underrated in this space. In a society of extremities, where people feel a need to go to extreme lengths to gain attention in a hyper-viral world -simplicity is utterly needed. I feel like I might be breaking my own values here in this blog --I hope this is simple enough to understand.

Communal Growth: I am a very staunch advocate of Community and Community growth. I believe that communities that grow together can best any nation if they converge around similar ideals. I believe that my contribution to the space should be focused on building and partaking in communities that grow together. So, if I come across someone who may be of little help to me but significant help to you, I’m going to introduce you both. That’s how communities are built and prosper.

Peace of Mind: I just stay out of anything that drains my energy on twitter. Always choose peace-- unless you need to go to war :)

Last Words on Personal Value

I’ve tried to display to you how my personal values shape my interaction on Twitter and help me constantly find opportunities to add value. I don’t need to force it, all of my values are present in everything I tweet or retweet.

Think about these questions and next time, I’ll talk about leveraging your experience as a form of value proposition:

  • So, what are YOUR personal values?
  • How will you ensure that your tweets and conversations represent your values?
  • What creativity can you muster in the Web3 space on twitter to find other people with similar values?

This is only one aspect of using Twitter for Web3, I still need to show you how to bring the followers in.

I’ll be creating a series of blogs on this topic and I hope you’ll join me as I explore them.

Uberhuman Out :)

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