THUBA DAO Whitepaper
March 27th, 2022

✍️ by: Brian Seong, Rocky Li, Beck Cheng

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Founded in 2017 and 2018 as two association, BATS(Blockchain Association of Tsinghua University) and TIBA(Tsinghua International Blockchain Association) respectively, each independently worked hard to foster the adoption of blockchain in China as well as globally. Two association Merged as THUBA(Tsinghua University Student Blockchain Association) in 2021.


Our Mission is to Bring Blockchain to Everyone. Bridge the gap between our Students and the Blockchain World. Help more students to Learn about Blockchain, help talented students to get connected and build their networks, help students to explore blockchain and try their ideas and do cool stuff!



Board Members

  • President/Co-Presidents:
    • President of THUBA DAO. Needs to be currently enrolled in Tsinghua University as a student.
    • Responsibilities: Oversees and participate in entire DAO’s operations, lead and guide the community, help all members to solve their obstacles, make sure things are on track.
  • Track Leads:
    • Leaders of every main track leads, including Bootcamp, Events, External Relations, etc. Needs to be currently enrolled in Tsinghua University as a student.
    • Responsibilities: Planning, Manage, and Maintain the specific track’s implementations, communicate with track members for providing guidance and tracking commitments.

Core Members

  • Active participants of THUBA tracks activities. Needs to be currently enrolled in Tsinghua University as a student.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Each core member of each semester is required to participate/commit minimum of 2 tasks in one of the Tracks. At least 1 commitment during the first half of the semester, and another commitment during the second half of the semester.
    • At most one can participate in 3 tracks at the same time.

Family Members

  • Ones who has contributed as a core member while enrolled in Tsinghua University, and currently already not enrolled in Tsinghua University.

Community Members

  • Mainly but not limited to Tsinghua Students, always welcome any students who are willing to learn about blockchain and explore blockchain with us.


The entire DAO is mainly divided into different Tracks. Each track has its own responsibility and implementations. There are two types of Tracks available, Main Tracks and Sub Tracks.

Office Track

  • In charge of THUBA DAO operations monitoring, social media accounts, website, finance, members activities, internal benefits, community management, and so on.

Bootcamp Track

  • Provide a semester wise bootcamp for all students to learn and grow. Mission is to provide students/communities a structured content to learn throughout the semester. The content will be vary depending on the needs of the community, but it will most likely be more beginner friendly one. As it’s meant to bring more web2, non-blockchain people into the exciting field of Blockchain!

Course Track

  • Industry Standard Course Making Track, aims to build one course series per semester, available on edx, Bilibili, and Youtube. One who finishes our course on edx will be given a certificate NFT minted on Polygon.

Events Track

  • It is the track designed for those who are interested, equipped with some knowledge of blockchain. Host two to four events per month. Events ranging from introducing the cutting edge technology of blockchain, sharing the forefront information of the industry, student research sessions, workshops, fireside chats, community calls, and so on.

External Relations Track

  • Track that manages all the external relations between THUBA and other communities, including protocols, Companies, professionals, student communities, web3 communities, DAOs, and so on.

Grants Track

  • Semiannual Grants program for all students to apply with project/startup ideas. Providing connections with mentors, investors, and guidance for good applicants.

Research Track

  • In-depth Research, Explore, Hack... on topics of blockchain. Each thread is maintained by the Board/Core member of THUBA, but opened to anybody who is willing to learn and discuss.
    • Meta Thread
      • Specifically for creators, builders, players to participate, explore, build in Metaverse.
    • ETH Underlying Tech Thread
      • All Geeks who are learning ETH and the underlying technology of blockchain are welcome to join.
    • More in the future...

Sub Tracks

  • Temporary tracks, to try, explore, achieve temporary goals, project ideas. Established via proposals.



  • Participants: Board Members & Core Members
  • Rule:
    • Only Board or core members are allowed to raise proposals
    • All proposals are required to be discussed with Board member and get 75% of their approval before announcing to the community
    • Proposals are shared during the internal weekly calls for Board and Core members
    • Once a proposal is shared, there will be a week-long voting session, and will be approved if more than half of the association members(75%) votes yes for the proposal.
    • Every member’s vote counts as one vote.
  • Proposal Contents:
    • Addition and Subtraction of Main/Sub Tracks
    • Election of President, Track Leaders.
    • Treasury distribution/Budget Plan (Only By Board Members)


  • Participants: Board & Core Members
  • Rule:
    • Budget Plans are made by board members, members should present a suitable budget plan regarding the actual needs of the coming semesters and future development.
    • Draft of budget plan will be shared at the beginning of each semester among Board and Core members for suggestions and adjustments.
    • Once approved the funds will be locked and prepared for monthly expenses.
    • Unspended budgets of each month will be added to next month’s budget.
    • Last months expenses’ reimbursements will be done to all members no later than each first weekend of the month.

Proof of Participations

As we are a student community, we designed our mechanism so that it’s more fun, welcoming and less strict on counting the commitments but more explorative.


  1. During the entire semester’s operation, Track leaders are accountable for tracking members participation status on Notion Dashboard, example shown as below image:
  1. By the end of each month, track leaders will reward/reimburse participants based on each members’ contribution within this month.
  2. By the end of each Semester, there will be semester scholarships provided for the members who has been continously contributing and performed personal improvement.


Rewards are predetermined when planning the tracks budgets by board members, with a highlight on the opnion of each track leaders. It will get more systemized later as the association grow.


  • Proof of Work:
    • Description: Each Main Track Leader will select one most active contributor of its own track as the Proof of Work recipient by the end of the semester.
    • Only eligible for Board and Core Members.
    • Selected by Main Track Leaders
  • Proof of Learn:
    • Description: One’s who have improved the most in blockchain knowledge, when comparing the beginning of the semester versus the end of the semester.
    • Only for newly joined Core members of the current semester.
    • Selected by Main Track Leaders(Will adopt a better system in the future)
  • Proof of Attendance:
    • Description: Participation counts of all THUBA events, weekly meetings.
    • Only eligible for Board and Core Members.
    • Selected by Office Track
  • Proof of Share:
    • Description:
      • Sharing blockchain articles, knowledge, insights and so on in our wechat communities
      • Actively answering queries from the communities
      • Give out workshops/lectures.
    • Eligible for Board, Core, Family members.
    • List provided by Board members, voting session for 5 days, for all THUBA members.
  • Proof of Referral:
    • Description: Referral Scholarship designed for member’s recommendations of potential core members who are blockchain enthusiasts. Anyone who referred and his/hers referee got accepted will be eligible for the scholarship.
    • Eligible for Board, Core, and Family Members.
    • Selected by Presidents.

Membership NFT & Swags

  • NFT: A Loot like NFT where it records the member’s current semester’s activities. Below is an example Membership NFT:
  • Example:
  • Swags: Swags(Shirts, Hoodies, souvenirs) will be distributed in the middle of the semester, all members who has done commitments in the first half of the semester will get the Swags.
  • Requirements: Board/Core Members who have contributed in the current semester will get his/her NFT by the end of the semester. Each NFT is only a representation of the member’s one semester’s contributions.

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