Metaverse Advertising: Why Web3 And The Metaverse Will Not Kill Advertising

Some people say that web3 will kill advertising. 

Web2 is all about it. Some of the biggest web2 platforms and companies rely on ads as their biggest – or extremely relevant – revenue stream. 

Take a look at these visuals from Visual Capitalist:

Google and Facebook may be the biggest cases, but Amazon and Apple also make millions of dollars from ads. 

But Web3 is all about privacy, wallets, and no ads, right?

We don’t think so. 

Of course, we may have new business models that will not rely solely on ads. But it’s crazy to think that advertising will just disappear in web3 or the metaverse. It will just… change. 

Another important variable will be the different types of users. My wife, for example, says she in fact enjoys seeing ads on Instagram because she discovers new products this way. Other users hate to be interrupted by ads. In the same way, some users prefer to trade NFTs on OpenSea. Other users prefer to use LooksRare. 

Some users like to buy and sell crypto on exchanges. Other users prefer to do it p2p. 

Some users like to play video games on consoles. Other users prefer to play on mobile devices. 

The fact is: Different cohorts of users, different use cases and platforms

If advertising today is related to flat images and videos in our feed on social media, just imagine how powerful, immersive and creative advertising will become when EVERYTHING is possible. And where everything will be possible?

Yeah, we need to say the word: The Metaverse

Although we don’t really know WTF is the Metaverse, we can think about it as virtual and immersive worlds. 

And the mundane laws of physics that often limit our creativity will not exist in these universes. In the same way that social networks and other platforms have given rise to new business, distribution, and product models, the metaverse (or whatever you call it) will bring new possibilities in terms of creating experiences and advertising

Advertising will probably become more immersive and cool (what?) throughout this decade. In our vision, it is not realistic to think that they will just disappear.

Yeah, they may change, but they will be there. Getting prepared for this can change your career. If advertising is a giant, billionaire industry today, just imagine the possibilities when there are no creative limits to it in the digital world

Final words

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