December 19th, 2021

We’re launching on Avalanche! Let’s run a competition to get the Avalanche Launch hype going! Show us your best PoolTogether x Avalanche Memes or Graphics! Everyone is allowed to participate. Submissions can be either memes, graphics or both. Prizes are funded by me. Happy to add any donations to the pot.

Until Thursday, December 23rd - we’ll vote winners on the Community Call

Prizes are distributed as mPOOL token on the Polygon network.

December 16th, 2021

On our road to making the PoolTogether DAO more accessible and inclusive we are beginning to host weekly Onboarding Calls. Onboarding Calls create a space to engage with new community members, help them contribute and increase community retention.

Within the call we aim to answer all questions starting from what a DAO actually is, going over PoolTogether and its values, the community structure and all processes involved.

Following the Onboarding Call all participants are teamed up into a Swim Class. By doing this we place new community members into smaller cliques, with the intention to lower the social overload and create a safe space for beginners.

October 19th, 2021

Hey Humans,

so far I was publishing content at Medium and Publish0x, but now it’s finally time to move my writing over to web3.

I’m a huge fan of PoolTogether, which has just launched its V4. To help everyone get started, I’ve written a FAQ for the PoolTogether Community Substack.

Have a look: