The Possessed Mint Details

Feels like we’ve been waiting for this day forever right? I’ll get straight into the details and then explain a bit more about our rationale below:

  • Public Raffle Entry: June 14th - 16th (48 hours)
  • Mint Date: June 30th (AL and winners of public raffle)
  • AL Mint Price: 0.25
  • Public Mint Price: 0.35

By the time Mint Date rolls around it’ll be a little over 5 months since we announced ourselves on Twitter. From a hype perspective, we definitely could have pushed to launch earlier. From a market perspective it probably would have been a smarter decision. But from a project and brand perspective, it wasn’t right. @whatthefurr and I always said that we wanted to take our time to build out the brand, community, art and tech so that we could really deliver something of a high quality with longevity and a vision; something where the art draws you in but the purpose and community keep you here.

Probably worth saying a couple things about the market and price, especially since everyone is like “FREE MINTS ARE THE NEW META!!!”. Firstly, I don’t think they are (remember Simp DAOs anyone?) and I have more thoughts on this that’ll just distract from this announcement if I go into it too much. Secondly, we’ve seen projects successfully mint out recently that aren’t free mints, and if anything what I hope is that this new “meta” means that we start to expect more from projects that aren’t free; high quality art, tight-knit communities, experienced founders and visions to change the world beyond our web3 bubble. Hopefully you feel our mint price is fair value for that. Thirdly, 1 ETH is 1 ETH.

Small disclaimer: We wanted to announce all these details with enough notice as possible so you have the opportunity to plan around it. We hate stealth drops/ surprise mints and will never do this. However, this does mean that anything could still change, the market could completely collapse, or our delivery could get hampered as maybe @whatthefurr or I get ill. My point is, we’ll try our best not to move the goal posts but there are cases where this could still happen.


  • Is it 3 NFTs or 1? When you mint one of The Possessed you get a single NFT that animates from Blessed to Possessed. You can change this on-chain to animate from Possessed to Blessed, meaning you can use the Blessed or Possessed as your static/ animated pfp.
  • How many can I mint? The majority of people will only be able to mint 1.
  • What is the allocation between AL and public? We’ll still be giving out AL (Test Subject) spots to community members and we have a few more agreed collabs coming up which means we can’t give an exact split right now.
  • Have I lost my chance to become a Test Subject? No! We’ll be giving out Test Subject (AL) spots all the way up until the raffle winners are announced, which will be around the 27th/ 28th.
  • How do I enter the public raffle? We’ll announce the raffle URL when it opens on the 14th via our Twitter. You will need to connect your Twitter, Discord and wallet (and have 0.35 ETH in that account) to enter.
  • How many times can I enter the public raffle? Only once. We’ll be processing the list after the raffle is closed to remove duplicates, bots and malicious wallets.
  • Can I win the public raffle if I am on the AL? No, and if you win a Test Subject (AL) spot between the raffle closing and winners being announced then you’ll be on the AL and not the public allocation.
  • Does winning the public raffle guarantee mint? I know this can be annoying but unfortunately no. We’ll be slightly oversubscribing the public allocation so that we don’t have to do any complicated 3rd/4th phases. The raffle mainly serves as a mechanism to reduce gas wars and bots.
  • Does being on the AL guarantee mint? Yes, until the public mint opens. More information on exact timings to be confirmed.
  • How do I know if I’m on the AL? If you registered your Discord or Twitter address with your ETH address when you won a giveaway then you can check here - we’ll be making changes to this over the coming week to allow you to just check just your ETH address and to fix some issues where Twitter/ Discord accounts are no longer accessible.
  • Can you mint on mobile/ ledger etc.? We’ll be supporting MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect and other browser injected wallets (e.g. Brave).
  • Has the contract been audited/ gas optimised? Yes. I could go into way more technical detail as I think the way we’re minting is really interesting but will save that for another day.
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