NFTraits Whitepaper
Tomjohn | Blergs
October 25th, 2022


NFTraits (or just Traits for short) are the building blocks of PFPs. Rather than minting a complete PFP, traits are minted instead and then equipped onto a collection that is built to be compatible with traits.

  • Traits are minted in packs of 8.

  • ERC 1155 contract type

  • Full on-chain, CCO

  • 10k traits, but no max quantity for each non 1of1 trait within the collection.

  • Minting will have seasons that are capped on mint qty or duration, whichever occurs first.


To make a collection of traits that can be used by any project at any time that cannot be destroyed. Traits cannot be changed or altered by their creators, and must be free of manipulation from any single entity.

To allow collections to support traits, and be able to interpret how those look on their base character, avatar, game, or experience.

Technical Details

Traits will be an ERC1155 contract. They will be made on ETH mainnet, as exploration into pros and cons of sidechain yielded no clear winning alternative. Adoption, development, and tooling are the most adopted with mainnet.

Mainnet has the biggest clear benefit of high adoption and marketplace support. High gas fees could be a current problem that will diminish over time. It’s important to note that while traits will be immutable and defined forever, the mechanism for equipping them can be changed per project on to reduce costs. The current thinking is that adoption is more important than cheap/non-existant gas fees, as the most likely user base of traits would be those used to those fees.

Equipping and Transferring Traits

Quantity and Rarity

10,000 Traits will be made. The contract will ensure that it will not be possible to add or remove traits from the pool.

There will be 4 tiers of rarity for each trait, plus one tier for 1/1 traits that are non-fungible. Rarity determines the odds that a single trait will be minted.

Unique traits will only be minted once with no chance of being minted again.

Each trait has an intrinsic rarity, meaning the chances that any of it will be minted, in addition to the tiers of that single trait. This intrinsic rarity is based on the cumulative distribution function

Note 10/25/22. This section is still being finalized and will be defined as part as the deployment of Traits. Feedback is welcome.

F(x)=Pr[X≤x]=α , where X = 1-10, with 1 being the most common and 10 being approximately 100x more rare.

No cap on quantity for each trait, just a diminishing chance of minting as more are made.

Batches of traits will be released per season, with quantity roughly doubling each season to end up at the total count of 10k traits. If every season is fully minted out, then the total number of trait cards in existence will never be more than 248k.

Each new season reduces the chance of previous seasons being minted by 10x. One season ending does not mean that its contents are no longer available, just that previous seasons are less and less likely to be minted.

Rarity over seasons

Rarity Definition


Note 10/25/22. This section is still being finalized and will be defined as part as the deployment of Traits. Feedback is welcome.

Imagine that there is a trait called “party hat” in season 1. This party hat has an intrinsic rarity of 4, meaning that the odds of any one trait in a pack being a Party Hat are 13:1 (approx). This party hat variants for each tier of rarity. The chance of minting a Legendary Party Hat is 1/8*13:1*.05 , the chance of minting a Common Party Hat is 1/8*13:1*.55 .


Each season will have art made by a single artist or group of artists. Each season’s traits will have visual consistency in their wrapper, but the artwork won’t be dictated. The artist/artists who create the collection will dictate the style of that season.

Artists for each season will be the recipient of the royalties for that season’s release. These royalties will be sent to predefined wallets on initial launch and the private keys will be made available to those artists when they have been selected.

Artists will be initially compensated with funds from the pool from the previous seasons. Compensation will depend on the number of traits that a single artist takes on. Later seasons could be given to a single artist, but the number of traits increasing means that groups of artists may be chosen.

All art will be fully on-chain and immutable.

Note 10/25/22. TBD how seasons will start. If time-based or not. If time based, it’s possible that traits will be mintable without artwork. Need to find a solution for this. If not time-based, then the timelines for future seasons will be unknown.

Season Details


Each pack contains 8 traits.

Minting is affected by the wallet contents. The Blerginning NFTs will guarantee at least 2 free mints for each season. Minters with a The Blerginning in their wallet will carry double the chance to mint a higher value trait in each pack. Each additional Blerg held in a wallet will increase the odds by 1.33x.

E.g. 1 Blerg held in a wallet increases odds by 2x. 2 Blergs increases odds by 21.33, 3 by 31.33*1.33, and so on.


Cost will vary by season, but will be defined before the initial launch. Not all seasons will have the same cost, but season one will be set at .05eth / trait pack.


60% of each season will be paid into the Traits treasury for incentivizing further development and more projects to adopt and use traits.

20% of each season will be paid into a Treasury for non-profit donation.

15% of each season will be paid to the artist(s) responsible for the art for traits for that season.

5% of each season will be paid to the original creator wallet.


Meant to be used to mix and match in different projects.

Funds from mints will be set aside to incentivize developers from different projects to use in their projects. If a project supports it, based off of their level of adoption, they will be a participant and be able to vote on the future of the project. The members of that community will also be eligible to vote for future artists.


CCO license.


Once the rules are set, there will be no way for anyone to influence the trajectory or qty of future mints. There will only ever be 10k traits, but the qty of each trait will vary based off the odds of minting it and the number of mints that have occurred.

Trait names

Traits for the project will be sourced by sampling the names of traits from the top 100 PFP collections. This list of traits will be locked before the first minting of traits, so that all future projects will be able to plan for any traits that will be added, before they are able to be claimed.

List will be shared at a later date.

Marketing and Promotion

Hype will not be the point of traits. Any social presence should be automated to keep the community informed of happenings, but no individual should be allowed to pump, hype, or steer the project other than through their own channels.

No influencer partnerships will be made, marketing will be focused on documentation and awareness for other projects to be able to participate as well as notification of how the Traits are being used and potential options for contribution and further development.

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