Caruso Provocateur
August 19th, 2022

Adult’s grooves for lonely ladies.

A blank sheet, like an intimate setting. An intertwining of soft lines, like a lyrical phrasing.

Taking care of the art direction for the latest release of The Folto Caruso Ensemble "Members Only", to create the music video for “Caruso Provocateur”, I selected a few sequences taken from my daily life drawing sessions, with the purpose to underline the intimate and languid groove of the band.

Torrid but delicate images roll on a jazz carpet, in a game of chiaroscuro they are combined with elegy.

This is adult’s music, strictly for lonely ladies.

Members Only - limited edition album
Members Only - limited edition album

Excerpt from "Members Only", limited edition album

Lyrics written, performed & recorded by FFiume, Music produced, mixed & arranged by Folto Cee, Illustrations, creative direction & direction of Mustache Sauvage

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