Stand With Ukraine

😶 What happened

On February 24, Putin's criminal regime began an inhuman war against Ukraine, jeopardizing not only the lives of millions of Ukrainians but also the security of the entire European continent and the principles of freedom and democracy around the world. This war affects everyone without exception.

We, the tr3butor team, were particularly affected by this war because at the beginning of the war, most of our employees were in Ukraine. Overnight we lost our homes, our peace of mind, and any certainty that we would be able to wake up tomorrow and embrace our families. For the first three weeks we helped with evacuations, fundraising for humanitarian needs and organizing logistics for the cities under endless shelling.

We succeeded, largely thanks to the incredible support of the entire international community. It was especially pleasant and valuable to see how web3 enthusiasts like you helped with fundraising, managing funds through the DAO mechanisms and distributing the money exactly to those who needed it: the victims, local organizations and hospitals.

Thank you to everyone who cares ❤️

👥 Our team on line

As of today, every member of the tr3butor team is safe and continuing their work.

Likewise, each of us continues to help those left in their cities and those forced to abandon their homes. Our wartime mission as a team and organization is to continue our global mission to help web3 professionals find better opportunities to apply their talents, and to help web2 professionals accelerate their transition into the web3 world through training, mentoring and personal assistance.

🤝 Stand with Ukraine

There are many ways to help: financially, informationally, humanitarianly, professionally.

You can find detailed information for each country and all the ways you can help at the official website.

❤️ Web3 Ukraine

Here we collected all the web3 initiatives and funds to support the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦

All ways to help are categorized into 3 groups: through our team's own initiatives, through verified web3 initiatives, and through direct government channels.

If you have any comments or suggestions, send us a message directly.

Our initiatives

Just work with us

Helping Ukraine means, among other things, helping the Ukrainian economy. Part of our team is still in Ukraine or helping their families who stayed there. By working with us, you help us pay salaries that support entire families and the micro-economy of the cities where our colleagues live.

By working with us, you are helping us show the world that we are a smart, hard-working, innovative nation. A nation that creates products that are used by the entire civilized world: from Japan to the United States.

But you don't have to work with us just because you feel sorry for us. Just try our product and see that it is really cool and useful. And love it as if it was made by a team from any country.

Hire Ukrainians

Talented Ukrainians are known the world over for their professionalism, dedication, ingenuity and responsibility.

Web3 is no exception. Ukraine has one of the highest levels of blockchain penetration. Over 12% of the population owns cryptocurrencies, over 20% have used crypto wallets and over 35% are familiar with the basic concepts and terms.

Thanks to Ukraine, you know such projects as Solana, NEAR, Bitfury, Everstake and many others.

Many talented Ukrainians are now losing their jobs and starting looking for new work urgently. For example, yesterday's students or parents on maternity leave.

By posting quests on our platform, you can be sure that many talents from Ukraine will see them. And you do not need to worry about how they will work, whether they will have such an opportunity: technical and physical. Some managed to leave the country, and in most cities in central and western regions they still have access to fast Internet and can work calmly to benefit your project. In addition, you probably remember that Elon Musk sent a lot of Starlink terminals to Ukraine.

You will probably also need the professional help of a recruiting agency to find even the most difficult talent. Feel free to write to us at and we will put you in touch with our sister company Make it in Ukraine. They will arrange for you a dedicated manager and recruiters who are sure to find exactly the one you need. 100% match guaranteed.

Donate to our foundation

Below, you can find funds we have vetted whose assistance will definitely reach those in need.

But if you want to be sure that your every dollar (or satoshi!) will definitely find someone who needs it the most here and now, send donations to tr3butor addresses.

We personally guarantee that they will go to the victims of the war and small local organizations that provide humanitarian assistance in hot spots.

ETH / Polygon / BSC / xDAI:




Verified web3 initiatives and foundations


UnChain Fund

Perhaps one of the largest and most effective funds that collects donations in cryptocurrency and distributes funds to local organizations and volunteers. The Foundation cooperates with official and government organizations, and among the multisig signers of the legend of the crypto community:

  • Ilya Polosukhin (co-founder of NEAR Protocol)
  • Scott Moore (co-founder of Gitcoin)
  • Pet3rpan (Community Investing 1kxnetwork)
  • CJ Hetherington and Rev Miller (co-founders of Atlantis World)
  • Andriy Velykyy (co-founder of Allbridge)
  • Oleg Kurchenko (founder of Binaryx)
  • Alexey Bobok (co-founder of MoneyWeld)
  • Nick Vasilych (Europe and Asia - Harmony Protocol)

Link and wallet addresses

WhiteBit Fund

WhiteBit, our old friends, has already distributed over $1.5 million where it's needed most. We personally helped to collect and distribute funds. We know personally the people who received them and thanks to this, we were able to help thousands of people with warm clothes, medicines, food and transport. This is one of the fastest and most efficient funds we have ever worked with.

Official link


You can help refugees and war victims by donating to Palianytsia – a Ukrainian charity initiative based in Lviv, Ukraine

Some data:

  • $383,368 already raised
  • 1 061 people found shelter
  • 401 children found shelter
  • 64 people received psychological help
  • 105 people living in the shelter now

Link and payment options

Find more crypto funds here.


Mining for Ukraine

If you are mining Ethereum, or you have a powerful computer that you are ready to allocate for mining for the benefit of Ukraine, the easiest way to do this is here:

You will find detailed instructions that will help even those who have no mining experience understand. In addition to the obvious benefits for Ukrainians, this is a great way to try something new! ;)

Staking for Ukraine

One of the easiest and almost free ways to help Ukraine with money is to stake your cryptocurrency. All rewards from staking are automatically redirected to help victims in Ukraine. For now, this is only available to Cardano holders, but hopefully it will be extended to other currencies in the future.
Official website.

Official wallets of state institutions and large foundations

Official crypto wallets of Ukraine





Tether (TRC20)






Ministry of Health





Ethereum, Tether (ERC20)


Come Back Alive





Tether (TRC20)



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