Our Collective Story


A story of stories where all of the various flavors of #Web3 + #ReFi projects and paradigms come together in unity through a collective story, each part telling its own story within the unified vision.

Inhale deeply and imagine with your mind's eye,
A story from the heart from deep inside….

The #MycoPunks & #Treegens, the #Beegens fly through, the #SolarPunks & #MoonPunks & the #TheFairies too, the #Regens unite & together… we take flight, as we share the light.

Rainbow Gathering
Rainbow Gathering

All Gathered here together, as the colors of the rainbow, begin to imbue…

As the sun rose on this day of celebration.

Each group brought forth their unique talents and inspirations...



🍄 #MycoPunks share their mycelial lore

A network of wisdom, that's to be sure.

Profound intelligence, secrets untold

Fungi's magic, a world to behold.


The Treegens

🌲 The #Treegens share an affinity,

for the forests, the trees, and their divinity.

Their love for the earth and all of her parts.

Brings forth new life from the core of their hearts.



🐝 Amidst the trees, the #Beegens sing,

In harmony with nature, their spirits take wing.

As the sun shines bright, their senses awake.

Revealing the flowers' secrets, for all life's sake...



🌞 #SolarPunks, masters of energy,

Using the sun's power to set us all free,

No more reliance on fossil fuels,

Their innovations,

our planet's jewels.



🌝 #LunarPunks, with gravity under their hum,

connected to the tides, where their power does come.

Planting seeds by moonlight,

to the lunar rhyme

Dancing by the fire,

their energy so divine.

The Fairies
The Fairies

The Fairies

🧚‍♀️ #TheFairies, with grace they fly,

Their subtle energies, impossible to deny.

A commitment to kindness, in all they do.

Creating a world, both magical and true.

The Regens
The Regens

The Regens

♻️ #Regens A symbol of hope, for nature's worth.

Bringing life back to the fading earth,

Renewing hope and sparking joy,

as we remember our duty to protect,

and not to destroy.


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