Airdrop Season 1 Recap

Thank you everyone for the support on our beta launch and Airdrop Season 1. We have seen massive support from all our users, communities and a number of NFT project teams in the industry.

Our Airdrop Season 1 officially ended on 6th Jun and Season 2 followed right after that. While we are enjoying the Season 2 and Trading Competition, let’s dive into a few highlights during Season 1.

Major Events


  1. Increased max. initial leverage ratio to 10x on 25th May

  2. Listed new trading pairs Captainz & DeGods on 30th May

  3. Exceed $1m daily trading volume on 5th Jun

Marketing, Community & Collab

  1. Collab with DegenScore to provide extra points multiplier to Beacon holders

  2. AMAs with our partner Sodium and AlfaDAO

  3. We have also seen support from Memeland legend Keungz longing Captainz on Tribe3

Key Trading Statistics

  • No. of Traders: 225

  • No. of Trades: 5,150

  • Total Notional Trading Volume: ~4,333 ETH ( $8,033,622)

  • Fees Generated: ~13 ETH

  • Total Liquidation Events: 591

  • Total Liquidation Notional: 24 ETH

  • Most Traded Trading Pairs (in vol.):

    • BAYC: ~1,549 ETH

    • MAYC: ~825 ETH

    • Azuki: ~692 ETH

For detailed statistic, can check our dashboard anytime.

Interesting Findings on Users

Combination of Blur, BendDAO & Tribe3

A trader was using a combination of Blur, Tribe3 and BendDAO to earn 118% APY from staking BAYC while remaining delta neutral (i.e. fully hedged on BAYC price). Let’s look into what this trader was doing:

  1. Scooped up a BAYC on Blur

  2. Staked BAYC and $APE on BendDAO to get 118% APY

  3. Hedged on Tribe3Official by building up shorts at 3x leverage. Hence - effectively remaining delta neutral on BAYC price while earning 118% APY on BendDao

  4. This trader once shorted almost a full BAYC, with over 43 ETH notional value

Airdrop Season 1 Performance

Tribe3 Points Statistics

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