Tribe3 Trading Competition & Public Testnet

As Tribe3 mainnet is round the corner, we would like to get everyone try out our testnet to experience the fun of trading NFT futures and other social features on Tribe3. Testnet is now public to all users!

Also, a new campaign is here for the Tribe3 community - Trading Competition! If you have participated in our last Trading competition, you are probably familiar with the game and rules, but if you are new, no worries, GEAR UP FRENS.

Trading Competition Details

Period: 6 Feb 10:00 - 19 Feb 23:59 UTC

How to participate: Trade on

Trading Pairs:



  1. Everyone, except the previous campaign winners, will start with 20 TETH. Previous winners will start with 21, 23 or 25 TETH, depending winner tiers.

  2. Result is based on realised PnL. The higher PnL will be with higher rank.

  3. Trader who use multiple wallet or any manipulate actions will be disqualified


Rank 1: USDT 400 + 30 Tribe3 Points

Rank 2: USDT 300 + 20 Tribe3 Points

Rank 3: USDT 200 + 10 Tribe3 Points

Rank 4-10:  USDT 30 Each + 5 Tribe3 Points

Rank 11-30  USDT 15 Each + 3 Tribe3 Points

What is Tribe3 point?

Tribe3 Points is one of the initiatives to record users’ achievement and trading behaviour on Tribe3. You can earn Tribe3 points via the entire Tribe3 ecosystem. Check here to know how to earn more Tribe3 points.

Stay tuned to our twitter and discord, Tribe3 will launch a unique NFT for our trader to mint. Gear up with your customized avatar with your Tribe3 point.

Keep an eye on your portfolio and P&L in the Dashboard page and ranking in the Leaderboard page!

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