Tribe3 Airdrop Season 2

Thank you everyone for the support during Season 1 🔥🔥🔥

Airdrop Season 2 will continue right after the end of Season 1, i.e. 6th Jun 9am UTC. 🪂 🎁


Tribe3 Points record users’ trading activities and contribution to Tribe3. For more details of Season 1 and Tribe3 points, please check here for details.

In Season 2, the rules are very similar to Season 1 with just one change on the Convergence Points. The below are the details:

How to get Tribe3 Points 🪶

There are 3 normal component and 1 bonus component of Tribe3 points, including Trading Volume, Referral and Others. Trade actions include open & close position, add & reduce position and partially close position.

The bonus component is Net Convergence Trading Volume, which will not be counted into Points calculation until the end of Season 2.

Trading Volume (Same as Season 1)

  • Earn 10 points for every 1 WETH notional trading volume

  • Notional Trading Volume will be counted for every action of open position, add position, partially close and fully close position

Referral (Same as Season 1)

  • Earn 3% of your referees’ trading volume points when you refer Tribe3 to others. Only referees with at least 5 WETH trading volume will be counted as eligible referees.

  • Earn 2% more of your own trading volume points when you enter others’ referral code.

  • Users must enter referral code before their first trade on beta.

Others (Same as Season 1)

It includes, but not limited to, your social media engagement with Tribe3, campaign participation, contribution to Tribe3 Beta & Testnet.

Rank & Multiplier

Same as Season 1, you will see your total points in “Overview” page and also leaderboard. A point multiplier will be applied based on the user‘s rank.

You can also switch to another tab for Season 1 Leaderboard.

⭐ Bonus Point - Net Convergence Trading Volume (Diff. from Season 1)

  • Net Convergence Trading Volume = Convergence Trading Volume - Divergence Trading Volume

  • Earn 100 points for every 1 WETH Net Convergence Trading Volume

  • Trades that close the price gap between vAMM price and oracle price will be counted as converging trades

  • Trades that widen the price gap between vAMM price and oracle price will be counted as diverging trades


Users must have a minimum of 5WETH lifetime notional trading volume to unlock all the points🔓 Thus, users who already unlocked points in Season 1 will be eligible to Season 2 automatically.


Users who actively use and contribute to Tribe3 throughout the season will receive more Tribe3 points. You can started earning points on now.

Enjoy and have fun on Tribe3 🔥🔥

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