TRVL Staking Overview

Last week we teased our upcoming staking campaign and we’re excited to share a sneak peek today. This article will give a general overview of how the TRVL staking will work and what you’ll need to know to participate. Full details of the campaign will be shared once we’re ready to launch it so make sure to stay tuned on our socials.

Important note: we’re still working on finalizing the staking campaign so any specific numbers in the mockups here are for illustrative purposes only. Final amounts will differ. 

Staking Overview

TRVL Staking Overview
TRVL Staking Overview

This is the overview page where you’ll be able to see a summary of the rewards and the pools available for staking.

Under the rewards overview, you’ll find the following info:

  • Staked - your individual amount staked
  • Unclaimed rewards - your individual rewards outstanding that you haven’t claimed
  • Total amount staked - the total TRVL amount staked from everyone in the pool to date
  • Total rewards claimed - the total TRVL rewards claimed from everyone in the pool to date

To start staking, click the "Stake" button to deposit your TRVL and start earning. This will require two transactions to start staking.

To claim rewards, click the “Claim” button to claim your TRVL rewards. This will require a transaction to be signed so that TRVL can be deposited into your wallet. Depending on the staking conditions, rewards claimed may be subject to a vesting schedule.

Under the pools overview, you’ll find the following info:

  • Core pools - these are the list of pools available for staking
  • Total value locked (TVL) - this is the total amount of TRVL locked in the pool from all stakers
  • Annual percentage return (APR) - this is the annual percentage rate from all staked funds in the pool

Staking Options

There will be two staking options - flexible and locked.


TRVL Flexible Staking Option
TRVL Flexible Staking Option

In this staking option, you can stake and withdraw your deposited TRVL  at any time. You simply set the amount of TRVL you’d like to stake and rewards will be accrued on a regular basis. The benefit to this option is that it’s flexible in case you need to withdraw your TRVL. However, this option yields a lower APR than the locked option.


TRVL Locked Staking Option
TRVL Locked Staking Option

In this staking option, you stake TRVL for a specified length of time in weeks before you can withdraw your deposit. You set the amount of TRVL you’d like to stake as well as the duration you’d like to stake for. While this option is less flexible, the longer you stake your TRVL, the greater the APR.

We’re really excited to launch this soon and would love your feedback on what we’ve shared so far so drop us a line in Discord with what you think.

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