Purchase of TRVL.com and TRVL.eth

Web3 travel looks different with TRVL. TRVL is an abbreviation for travel and also the ticker for the Ultimate Travel Token - TRVL.

We’re excited to announce that through a strategic deal, we’ve been able to acquire two truly valuable domains that will be at the very core of the TRVL token’s digital footprint.

The TRVL.com and TRVL.eth domain names will play an essential role in our branding, marketing and token holder acquisition. We’re changing what travel looks like in a web3 world and the first step is to establish TRVL as the foundation of travel. These two domains will play critical roles as the first point of contact for interested community members and will be at the heart of our brand.

Check out our new website here.

We want to hear from travel builders so reach out and let us know what you’re building or want to build and let’s figure out a way to collaborate.

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