TRVL Labs Roadmap

Our vision is to be the driving force behind the travel industry's web3 revolution. With this ambitious vision in mind we have a roadmap stacked with exciting new initiatives where TRVL is front-and-center.

  • Dtravel - Creating infrastructure that facilitates direct bookings for home-sharing entrepreneurs and professional hosts.
  • Stake - Earn rewards by staking your TRVL in various vaults. Includes partnerships with other projects in the space. 
  • Pledge - A simple mechanism for community-driven deposits of tokens to support decision making.
  • Metaverse - Building standalone experiences and enabling travel industry professionals, online travel agents and more to build unique experiences in the metaverse and travelers to enjoy those experiences.
  • Reputation - A personal score / rating for travelers based on a decentralized identity and travel history. 
  • Travelpad - A launchpad that allows brands to both create branded travel NFTs and launch them in a travel and tourism specific marketplace. Travelpad would provide full launch support, including advice on marketing, smart contract deployment, NFT minting and NFT economics via a launch checklist and informational webinars. 
  • DeFi  - Have TRVL become an asset in various DeFi applications. Offering the ability to lend, borrow, collateralize and bond. 
  • Multi-chain - Expanding the TRVL token to other blockchains and layer 2’s. 
  • DAO-to-DAO - Partnerships with other DAOs to cross-pollinate communities and do token swaps. 

TRVL Labs is investing across the web3 travel ecosystem. If you have a project you'd like to bring into the world, get in touch to discuss with us!

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