July 13th, 2022

Turf is Evolving

We have learned a ton in the past few months while building Turf’s foundation (chat, map, & avatars). Phase 1 was intended to prove to our collectors and the community at large that we can deliver good software in a timely manner and that regardless of market volatility we remain builders through and through.

Phase 2 is focused on turning Turf into more than a fun place to loiter and chit chat. We are building an overarching game layer that will bring instability and rivalries to our world. But before we get to the details of how that will work we must first create the Turf economy.

May 18th, 2022

Coming soon, with the introduction of Turf avatars + chat we are unlocking an exciting new way for projects large and small to soul-meld with the Turf Ultraverse! We want to create a place where all projects can come hang out and loiter. More importantly we want NFTs to transcend simply being pretty images that are collected and sold for top dollar. We want people to wear their favorite projects like they’re about to stomp the stairs at the Met Gala. Let’s get stomp’in!!!

… but first…

March 31st, 2022

Last week we covered the reasons why Turf’s Future is (probably) not staking. This week we want to dive ever deeper into the way that Turf will power its economy and in turn bring equity to all of her beloved holders.

We racked our brains trying to figure out how we could build unique utility into our fledgling city without destroying our souls in the process. The answer we discovered was buried in an old documentary. It turns out we share a great many things with the late Walt Disney.

At the peak of his potency Walt envisioned a sprawling experimental prototype community of tomorrow (EPCOT). Within this city denizens would enjoy the lavish amenities of the day, installed and replaced by the mega corporations of the era. It was an idyllic socialist dream! (insert rainbow emoji here).

March 24th, 2022
It's Magic!
It's Magic!

Turf is a wonderful shining gift that is beloved by myself and my team as it has given us an opportunity to enter into this world a being of pure creation and delight.

It is also an experimental social platform that we refer to it as a casual-ultraverse. This label is critical to our progress as it describes the nature by which we execute upon our ideas. In the spirit of forging new paths, we’ve tried to understand value generation from a newborn’s perspective.

So how do we best create value for our community? One concept that often comes up is staking. From high and low we hear Geographers call out… “why doesn’t Turf do staking?”, or “wen can I stake my plot?”, or “wen moon? wen stake?”. We went on a ride to discover the answer to these questions and have come to a conclusion.

February 28th, 2022

Through a partnership with Endaoment and the sale of our coveted Power Plants we’ve raised $529k USD (not too shabby). 100% of this money will be gifted to an environmental cause(s) of our communities choosing. This article is meant to set the stage for that decision.

Endaoment provided a list of candidate charities and we reached out to six of them to request gift allocation details - two responded. We’ve done everything in our power to hail the other four but believe that it’s time to get this pile of green rolling.

February 24th, 2022

Where we are going… there are no roads… but there will be birds, trains, art museums, and dirty trash cans.

Development on Turf Explorer is moving along swiftly and we wanted to provide a slight update so that our Geographers have an idea of what we are cooking.

You all have collected a metric ton of wonderful things and we want to build the best web3 trophy case for you to show them off. Such manifestations include but not limited to - being your avatars, displaying your art, and perhaps one day giving a home to your NFT pets.

Turf Explorer Map (Mock up)
Turf Explorer Map (Mock up)
February 21st, 2022

As you may (or may not) have noticed - our mint went pretty pretty… pretty… good and it’s all due to the fantastic pre-planning that the the team did both in the mint lead up and the subsequent deployment. Behind every great Chief Geographer is a team of equally great Sr Geographer Developers.

In the spirit of sharing ‘lessons learned’ our lead Geographer Developer - Doug Pfeffer - will provide insight into what we discovered during our harrowing journey so that others may dodge the unruly bears and reach that glorious peak of mild success.

February 7th, 2022
Bring me that horizon...
Bring me that horizon...

The hard part is over… we have received a strong signal from our community that there is a place in the NFT world for Turf.

Since October we’ve worked tirelessly to prepare all of the necessary assets, design, smart contracts, and community to support our launch. Suffice it to say minting far exceeded our expectations. If there was any doubt that Turf had a future, that has been effortlessly dissolved.

Now we turn our attention to the long path forward. We spent most of our post launch fixing any issues that arose in our collection. We believe that we have squashed all major bugs (if you find any typos or graphic issues) please don’t hesitate to reach out to a team member.

February 1st, 2022

As we take our first tenuous steps into this vast world of NFTs and Crypto, we here at Turf HQ realize that we’re also placing a heavy foot print upon (meat-space) mother nature. Any Geographer worth their weight in soil will tell you to leave no trace behind. To this end we have decided to begin our epic adventure with an environmental initiative - one that is more than simply symbolic.

Turf Blok Reactor MK-0
Turf Blok Reactor MK-0

100% of Profit Goes to an Environmental Cause

NFTs are massively fun but we also acknowledge that they do come at a cost. While we know that many fantastic advancements are taking place that will mitigate the overall environmental impacts (proof of stake, sharding, etc) we want to do our part so that our children’s children can enjoy a great big beautiful tomorrow.

January 17th, 2022

You’re probably wondering, how do I gain sweet sweet access to the Turf allow list? Where other projects make you gallop through fiery hoops of insanity or pilfer your own social feeds we have decided to take another tack - a more humane tack.

Here’s the link to our allow list…

But wait… it’s password protected… how do I get the password??

January 8th, 2022
  1. Introduction to Turf
  2. What are properties / randomization
  3. Benefits of being a landowner
  4. Where is turf stored
  5. Minting process
  6. Minting fee usage
  7. Roadmap forward
  8. Technical Details
  9. Thank you!

Hey I’m Michael, a UX/UI designer that also enjoys illustrating pixel art in my spare time. I founded Turf, a location based monopoly game, built on foursquare, in 2011 (long before that copycat Pokemon Go, jokes). It was unfortunately folded and mothballed until recently when I was urged by friends to re-release it as an NFT. At first I was reluctant & skeptical but doing a bit of research I realized how right they were to prod.