Introducing Turnkey

Today, we’re excited to introduce Turnkey: secure private key infrastructure purpose-built for crypto developers. Our founding team initially met while building the world’s largest and most trusted crypto custodian, Coinbase Custody, and we’ve teamed up again to unlock the next wave of innovation in crypto. Starting today, Turnkey’s private beta is officially live. We’re also thrilled to announce our $7.5M Seed round led by Sequoia Capital, with participation from Variant and Coinbase Ventures. 

Developer or builder looking for the TL;DR? Head to Turnkey’s docs, GitHub, or demo to dig in. 

We built Turnkey for crypto developers

Cloud computing unlocked developer creativity and efficiency by enabling scalable access to primitives like storage, compute, and networking. At its core, crypto is a new computing model that decentralizes many of the same building blocks. In this world, private keys are an equally fundamental primitive. However, private key infrastructure that enables secure, on-chain, activity at scale is still an unsolved problem

Existing solutions for managing private keys have tended toward rebuilding traditional financial custody models. They prioritize long-term storage over frequent access, introduce organizational friction by design, and are based on the assumption that private keys are financial assets.

We believe the future of crypto will include trillions of on-chain transactions, but we won't get there with the tools we have today. We built Turnkey to facilitate that future. By giving developers simple ways to secure private keys and sign transactions at scale, we’re empowering them to create the next generation of crypto products.

Simple, secure APIs to manage your private keys

Existing enterprise custodians have not offered the appropriate functionality for builders in the current crypto ecosystem. Developers have been forced to make a trade off between accepting this reality or taking on the challenge of securely generating, storing and signing with their own keys. Turnkey offers a new option that is:

  • Cloud-scale: Turnkey’s simple APIs allow you to dynamically generate thousands of wallets and sign tens of thousands of transactions across any chain, with flexible, programmable permissions to ensure you only sign what you want.

  • Accessible: Turnkey is free to get started. Begin building in minutes with our open APIs and SDKs that make crypto accessible to everyone.

  • Secure: Turnkey was built on a minimal, immutable, and deterministic operating system, designed for environments requiring paranoia and accountability. This puts you in control of your keys while providing institutional-grade security. Our team draws on years of learnings from Coinbase, BitGo and Polychain to bring you the most secure private key infrastructure in the world. 

Let’s build. 

Existing crypto custodians were built to help regulated financial firms invest in crypto assets, not to help developers launch new products. Turnkey’s mission is to make it easier to build in crypto. Soon, Turnkey will be open to anyone, but until then, we’re granting access to a limited number of technical teams. Join our waitlist to get early access and stay up-to-date as Turnkey comes to market. 

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