April 20th, 2023

The transfer of risk in traditional financial markets is opaque, slow, and inefficient. This can be found across a variety of verticals, with one of the silent giants being insurance.

By introducing blockchain technology, the transfer of risk immediately becomes transparent and more efficient. As it pertains to insurance, decentralized options utilizing blockchain exist, but in order for major providers to get involved, a marketplace that has the appropriate regulatory approvals is needed.

Nayms bridges the gap between the two, allowing regulated brokers and underwriters to find digital asset capital providers to share in the premium and liability entailed in covering risk, all on-chain. Nayms is the only company with regulatory approvals to run a platform like this. Put simply, by being the only company holding both the full Digital Asset Business Act license and Innovative General Business Insurance license out of Bermuda, Nayms allows their insurance partners to conduct regulated insurance business on-chain for the first time.

Nayms connects alternative capital and uninsured risk in the rapidly evolving digital assets space and provides the technical and legal infrastructure over which stakeholders come together to capitalize and transfer risk on-chain.

As a fully-regulated marketplace for on-chain insurance, we see Nayms representing the next major step in risk transfer. Using blockchain technology, Nayms extends traditional risk markets using decentralized tools and features that take risk pricing and management to a new level. Bringing on-chain capability to traditional markets creating a new, efficient, and transparent financial future is the primary focus of the UDHC, and we believe the team at Nayms has the potential to shape that future.

With longstanding relationships with major insurance providers, this paradigm shift led by Nayms may happen sooner than people think.

The startup is reaching the final stages of development before launching a number of insurance programs with the likes of Aon, Breach, and Evertas. With new capital it's possible to accelerate the engineering efforts for continuous upgrades post-launch as onboarding continues for the first users of the marketplace. The company plans to reinforce its marketing efforts to spread awareness about Nayms’ mission, the marketplace itself, and build a community of key groups looking to interact with this modern insurance market.

The UDHC funds early-stage companies that bridge the gap between DeFi and TradFi, while guiding them on a compliant arc of decentralization. As the lead investor for this private round at an $80 million valuation, the UDHC is confident in Dan Roberts’ leadership, the impressive team he has assembled, the Nayms product, and the transparent future it brings to insurance.

We’re happy to be a part of this round with other investors including New Form, Tokentus and Keyrock.

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