Umoja Early Adopter Airdrop Campaign: Season 1

Umojans, the Early Adopter AirDrop Campaign is now over! 🪂🚫

Season 1 has officially ended, and Umo is setting off for his next Airdrop adventure...(SZN 2 coming soon!) 🐻🫢

As we close the books on this, we want to ensure that every Early Adopter Umojan receives their deserved perks.

📌 Important Notice If you've logged a complaint and you're yet to receive your role, our team's actively working to resolve any outstanding issues. We expect to have everything sorted in a few hours.

👀 What’s Next?

  1. We're setting up a special Discord channel for all qualified Early Adopters.

  2. All rewards will be distributed within the next 48 hours.

Thank you for your patience and good vibes. Your participation has allowed us to improve on the upcoming season...Umo can't wait!


Welcome to Umoja, where you can easily grow and protect your portfolio just like smart money. We've created an innovative protocol that allows traders, investors and degens alike to make moves just like whales and billion dollar hedge funds.

This article includes a brief overview of Umoja and details about our upcoming early adopter campaign. Please read to the end to completely understand how to qualify for the airdrop.


Season 1 will last up to one month or until the 100,000 in $UMJA tokens are earned, whichever happens first. Please note that you will not receive the tokens until our TGE this summer. There is no $UMJA token live on the market yet!!

About Umoja

Umoja is the world's first smart money protocol, enabling the creation of 'smart money' by integrating automated investment strategies into digital assets. This allows tokens to autonomously trade, hedge against market fluctuations, and maximize returns.

We take making money ‘smart’ seriously. We’ve raised over $2M and we’ve got the backing of Tier 1 investors such as Coinbase Ventures, Mercy Corps Ventures, 500 Global, Blockchain Founders Fund, Orange DAO, Avalanche Blizzard and key leaders in the space like Ivan On Tech.

What is Smart Money?

Umoja is not just a protocol; it's a foundational tool for anyone looking to create smart money. Our vision is to democratize wealth creation for the first time in human history by enabling anyone to automate asset management and bolster their financial wellbeing.

Umoja uses "Synths," flexible strategies for risk minimization and asset management, to automate financial plans or develop new financial products like high-yield stablecoins and low-risk assets. Synths can be enabled by any replicable risk minimization or profit maximization model - whether it's based on underlying crypto derivatives trading or niche DeFi strategies across protocols.

Currently, you can use Umoja to implement a synth that creates hedges (synthetic puts), and soon we'll be introducing Boosts (synthetic calls) to the platform. Hedges and Boosts are synthetic options created via underlying perpetual futures trading on centralized liquidity venues such as Binance. Over time, such venues will become increasingly decentralized as DEX’s increase their overall liquidity.

With over $1.4M in notional transaction volume already hedged on the protocol, Umoja has proven its appeal to a significant number of users looking to reduce their exposure to market losses.

Umoja Early Adopter Airdrop

As we go on this revolutionary journey, our focus remains on community engagement and appreciating the pioneers who explore the Umoja ecosystem with us.

We're excited to announce our exclusive airdrop campaign, designed to reward 100,000 $UMJA tokens to our beta testers and to help drive growth for our flourishing smart money-making community.

From March 13th to mid April, you’ll be able to participate and take actions that will make you eligible for our community airdrop this summer. And if you complete tasks on all 5 platforms and get 5 discord roles you’ll be airdropped our Umo Early Adopter NFT.

How to Participate

You’re here because you like smart money and you understand that Umoja is going to change the way you grow and protect your money, forever. For that we, in addition to the possibility of getting rewarded 100,000 $UMJA from the prize pool, we want to share a special souvenir with you, the Umo Early Adopter NFT.

In order to get this NFT you need to collect all 5 roles listed above. Be sure to move swiftly as some roles are limited and given out on a first come first serve basis.

Verification is carried out via for all roles with the exception of Umo Expert. Ensure your Discord profile and Metamask are linked to Guild prior to initiating the quests.

Make sure to complete all quests using the same Metamask wallet address.

Let’s dive into how to get each role:

💻 Researcher – claim this Mirror article

🤓 Umo Expert – for completing social media quests on Zealy

👂 Listener  – for attending at least one AMA on Link3

🔍 Explorer – for completing tasks on Galxe or QuestN

🐻 Umo Pro - open a position on our platform

💻 Researcher – Claim an Umoja Mirror Article

You’re already here, yay! You can claim this article right now. If this article has reached its maximum mints. You can browse and claim our other entries on mirror.

Claim at least 1 Mirror entry to get your Research role, once you claim confirm the role their the Guild bot in the #roles channel in Discord.

🤓 Umo Expert - Zealy Quests 

Complete quests on Zealy, a platform that encourages social engagement. Follow us on social, complete quizzes, give product feedback in Telegram and make dank memes. Be sure to complete the confirmation task to claim your Umo Expert discord role.

👂Listener – Link3 AMAs

We’ll announce our upcoming AMAs on Link3. After each AMA, you’ll be able to claim a Link3 AMA token (called a $WEST token) once you’ve spent 20+ minutes inside of one of our AMA voice sessions. Be sure to claim your AMA tokens so that you can get the listener role in discord.

🔍 Explorer – Complete Galxe or QuestN Quests

Like Zealy, Galxe and QuestN are Web 3 platforms that encourage social engagement. Complete the tasks on either platform and confirm your Explorer role through the Guild bot on discord. Stay tuned and follow our profiles there, quests are coming soon!

🐻 Umo Pro - Beta Test Umoja

Be like smart money and open a position on Umoja. Double check that you have an open position by doing to the ‘Dashboard’ page, your status should say Active. Once you’ve opened your position, claim your role on discord in the

Create a hedge on Umoja and then claim your role in discord.

How to get the Early Adopter Role

  1. Claim all 5 roles via Guild

  2. Send us a message in the #Early-Adopter channel

  3. Once you complete the steps above you will be able to get your special Early Adopter NFT

We’ll let you know when you’ll get the NFT a few days before the campaign ends in mid April.

Got Questions? Feel free to @ us on twitter or pop in our telegram!

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