UniDex & Celestia Partner Saving Traders Over 100x in Fees

We’re excited to announce our integration with Celestia, a modular building block to our app chain, allowing traders to save up to 100x on gas costs.

At UniDex, we’re obsessed with finding ways to save people money, whether it be trading fees, liquidity routes, or even gas costs. One of the most prominent drawbacks to high-frequency trading on-chain is the economical cost of conducting trades. While L2’s have reduced the cost and provided the speed traders want, the expenditures still add up over time leaving a sour taste. UniDex is using the power of the Celestia network to provide a scalable, cost efficient solution for traders, but what is Celestia?

Introduction to Celestia and modular blockchains

Celestia is the first modular blockchain network that scales with the number of users. Unlike traditional, monolithic blockchains where a single chain does everything, Celestia introduces a way for blockchains to use Celestia for scalability. In our case, we switched out our data availability from ETH and instead now use Celestia for our data availability layer.

What does that mean for builders & traders?

Since integrating Celestia's data availability layer, Our OP stack chain Molten, has remarkably reduced transaction costs by up to 100x, making it one of the most cost-effective L2’s to trade on. By making gas-associated costs cheaper, new protocols like CLOB DEXs or individual traders burn through less of their cash and instead can focus on their trading strategies. This opens the door to 100x more trading opportunities, new protocols that previously were not viable to deploy, or even more frequent keeper transactions such as oracle updates. Oracle providers such as Chainlink could deploy on Molten, update on-chain price feeds at 1/100th of the cost as the same TX on Arbitrum, and be MEV resistant thanks to UniDex’s OEV protection

Where can I try the Celestia powered Molten network?

You can see what a Celestia enabled network feels like with our Magma testnet. Get onboarded using any web3 wallet that supports custom chains, and use these details below to add the Magma testnet.

RPC: https://unidex-celestium.calderachain.xyz/http
: https://unidex-celestium.calderabridge.xyz/
Explorer: https://unidex-celestium.calderaexplorer.xyz/
ChainId: 49482


This new upgrade powered by the Celestia network marks the beginning of a new era in high-frequency trading on-chain. With Celestia's modular blockchain framework, UniDex's Magma Testnet & Molten Mainnet is positioned to revolutionize the DEX ecosystem, offering users and protocols unprecedented efficiency and scalability. Make sure to join our social channels to stay updated & be the 1st to hear new advancements.

Discord invite link — discord.com/invite/YsnTPcSfWQ
Twitter — https://twitter.com/CelestiaOrg
Website — https://www.celestia.org
Docs — https://celestia.org/developer-portal/

Discord invite link — https://discord.gg/unidex
Twitter — https://twitter.com/UniDexFinance
Website -https://www.unidex.exchange/
Swap Trading — https://app.unidex.exchange/
Leverage Aggregation Terminal — https://leverage.unidex.exchange/Business Inquiries — marketing@unidex.finance

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