Ramses Exchange becomes the 1st protocol to join UniDex Forge

We're delighted to announce that Ramses Exchange has taken the opportunity to become the first platform to join the UniDex Forge program. This will empower the Ramses and UniDex ecosystem by allowing $RAM as a collateral option for traders and another counterparty pool option. This greatly diversifies the protocol's reach by giving traders and poolers a new and unique option for perpetual DEXs.

Let's dive into how Ramses is collaborating with UniDex through the Forge program.

Ramses holders will be able to trade on many different pairs like BTC/USD, EUR/USD, XAU/USD, and XAU/BTC, all while using RAM for their trades. The interface is white-labeled by the UniDex team, which is custom-tailored to fit the Ramses color scheme, branding, and provides a familiar environment for Ramses community members. Users of the platform don't need to convert to USDC, WETH, or any other currency, as the platform uses coin-margined contracts. 1 RAM equals 1 RAM for the trade, regardless of the price volatility of RAM itself.

How does it work?


The protocol uses a battle-tested counterparty pool mechanism to allow users to trade against the RAM pool. For those interested in staking, users deposit RAM into the vault to earn 70% of trading fees paid by traders, and poolers gain or lose their principal based on the traders' profit and loss. If traders profit 100 RAM from their closed trades, the pool loses 100 RAM to pay traders. Similarly, if traders lose a total of 200 RAM from their closed trades, the pool gains 200 RAM paid by traders as positions are closed.

Example of the pool gaining yield
Example of the pool gaining yield

These pools have already been long tested by multiple years in DeFi from the likes of SNX, GMX, UNIDEX, and GNS which have operated smoothly and paid out real yield to stakers.


Traders can open positions against the pool using RAM as collateral instead of having to use USDC or WETH. Simply input the amount, choose a pair, and place a trade whenever you want. The UniDex oracle network prices your trade by aggregating data from multiple price oracles, including CEXs, data providers, and oracle solutions like Chainlink, to settle your trade.

For example, let's say you're up 30% on your trade now with 100 RAM of margin (30 RAM unrealized profit and loss). If you were to close this trade, your 100 RAM would be returned to you, including the 30 RAM profit and loss, for a net total of 130 RAM. The value of RAM is not a concern for the protocol, as these are coin-margined trading contracts.

It’s really that simple!

To re-cap, the UniDex platform gets its official first custom token pool & collateral option with our collaboration with Ramses. UniDex is expanding to become what Uniswap did for token swaps on chain, but for perps. Anyone can create their own custom governance token pool and earn fees for providing liquidity and giving traders a new collateral option.

We’re building something greater in the near future with Ramses, so keep your eyes peeled on both our social media channels for when this drops! We’ll include links for community members to stay updated on all social channels for both projects so you can stay updated and alert.

Discord invite link — https://discord.gg/ramses
Twitter — https://twitter.com/ramsesexchange
Website - https://www.ramses.exchange
SwapV1 — https://app.ramses.exchange/swap
Business Inquiries — management@ramses.exchange

Discord invite link — https://discord.gg/unidex
Twitter — https://twitter.com/UniDexFinance
Website -https://www.unidex.exchange/
Swap Trading — https://app.unidex.exchange/
Leverage Aggregation Terminal — https://leverage.unidex.exchange/
Business Inquiries — marketing@unidex.finance

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