Hi! This is the beginning of ✧unun. 🌱

  • Our own small mutable netlabel for hybrid music & multimedia releases.
  • A platform that adapts itself to our artistic needs, not the other way around.
  • An excuse to collaborate with friends from local scenes, learn new shit and build an autonomous + self sustaining space for experiments.

We are enthusiastic about decentralization and open source tools enabling creators to be in control of their production and establishing fairer ways to distribute music + digital art.

We believe in a network of diverse and interoperable platforms with a shared, open database. A modular system of projects that can talk to each other – each one built based on the needs and the identity of a particular community, rather than a universal structure where standardization overrides individuality and expression possibilities

This platform is and always will be an experiment, so far developed and maintained by artists in a DIY manner. We will be adding functionality and polishing the design + UX as we learn how to use the necessary tools

For now it is simple and a bit empty, like a new house we just moved into. 🏠

UN000 - inicio

August 6th, 2022

The first release is an electronic music single and a collection of 404 ERC721 tokens.

⥼ Each edition is linked to the same audio file and comes with a unique generative cover artwork.

⥼ There’s a hidden track as part of one of the rare traits. (/∇\*)…

⥼ All media and metadata is hosted on IPFS.

It is a prototype for the next one ↴

UN001 - ???

August 2022

The upcoming release will be a music compilation including tracks by Gregorio Nash, Qoa, Vic Bang, Yoto & ourselves. They are our close friends besides being artists we admire and learn a lot from.

You can check out our GitHub repository if interested in building your own minting page & gallery using the Zora tools.

💌 Thanks to our friend Max (tranqui.eth) for encouraging us to carry out this project, sharing his resources and providing technical assistance with patience + good vibes.

Yours truly,

Astrosuka & Sofja.

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