Utopia is live on Optimism ⛩🎉!

Today we’re excited to announce we’re launching Optimism to support the growing community of DAOs and projects on the chain.

Optimism is built by the Optimism Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to growing the Optimism Collective (a new model for properly rewarding those who create or sustain public goods). The Optimism community is one of the most dedicated builders focused on impact and growth, with over 1M dollars donated to public goods. We’re thrilled to be supporting Optimism DAOs and look forward to advancing toward the sustainability of public goods.

What is Optimism?

Optimism is a layer 2 Ethereum blockchain known to be lightning-fast and low-cost. It is built through the organization’s four pillars: simplicity, pragmatism, sustainability, and optimism.

  • Simplicity –to build with a minimum number of moving parts, optimizing for low overhead cost while focusing on a secure, scalable, and flexible L2 system.
  • Pragmatism –to be aware of real-world constraints and prioritize user and developer needs.
  • Sustainability –to strive for long-term sustainability and scalability.
  • Optimism –to work with continued optimism about the Ethereum vision and project.
drawing from Optimism
drawing from Optimism

Optimism is enabled through an “Optimismtic Rollup,” a blockchain that piggybacks off of the security of another "parent" blockchain. These roll-ups take advantage of their parent chains’ (Ethereums’) consensus mechanisms and make Ethereum transactions cheaper and faster.

Using Optimism on Utopia is the same experience as eth-mainnet with no lessened functionality! Any Optimism Chain DAO with a Gnosis Safe can use our full suite of features!

New chain, same Utopia ⛩ Using multichain on Utopia is the same experience as eth-mainnet with no lessened functionality! Any Optimism DAO with a Gnosis Safe can use our full suite of features!

  1. Optimism DAOs can create recurring and 1-time payments on Utopia and pay them out in less than two clicks. These two clicks make a transaction through Gnosis SAFE, paying the team’s recurring compensation.
  2. Once the transaction is created, DAO multi-sig holders sign and execute the payment on Utopia without any gas! Our signing page lets multi-sig holders get a clearer picture of their Gnosis transactions and avoid paying gas individually.
  3. A Utopia payment request link can be shared with the community to avoid back-and-forth messages. Individuals expecting payment can submit how much they should be paid along with information on the context of the payment.
  4. DAOs can track and download their payment history - giving them a detailed breakdown of the DAO’s expenses.
  5. In July, Utopia will have a bookkeeping feature that will allow Optimism DAOs to categorize and get analytics on all their DAO’s transactions.

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You can access Utopia on Optimism Chain here:

Learn more about Utopia at utopialabs.com

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