Welcome, Bookkeeping.

Dear Utopians,

The days of spending hours transcribing transactions from Etherscan to excel sheets are over. Stop the headache, and get acquainted with operating peacefully on Utopia.

Meet Bookkeeping, our transactions and insights experience, designed to help you manage your crypto transactions, derive insights around your Safe treasury, and create shareable transparency dashboards for your community.

What can you do with our Bookkeeping feature set, transactions and insights?

  • View and categorize all your transfers related to your safe, including those executed outside of Utopia, so you can understand your safe’s spend.

  • Share your transactions and insights pages publicly as a read-only link to stay transparent with your community.

  • Label smart contract addresses and manage your DAO contributors.

  • Retroactively edit all historical transfer details.

  • See your transfer categories manifest as graphs and charts in our insights experience.

  • Create custom charts out of any single-select transfer property.

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