Utopia: The Future of Coordination

Announcing our $23M Series A led by Paradigm

As the name suggests, Utopia Labs embodies the pursuit of the ideal. We’re leveraging technology to achieve better collaboration in the Web3 economy, where DAOs hold the potential to break down geographic and digital barriers and usher in a new era of decentralized coordination.

Since we launched Utopia last year, we’ve partnered and built alongside leading crypto-native organizations including OlympusDAO, Lido, Friends with Benefits, Yield Guild Games, Badger DAO, Illuvium DAO, Fingerprints DAO, SushiSwap, Tracer DAO, Pleasr DAO, and more. We’re proud to have helped scale more than one hundred DAOs while facilitating millions in contributor payments and operational expenditure.

As we enter our next phase of growth, we’re excited to announce that we’ve closed a $23 million Series A funding round led by Paradigm with continued support from our earliest seed investor, Kindred Ventures, as well as participation from Circle Ventures, Gusto, Coinbase Ventures, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Distributed Global, and Fourth Revolution Capital.

When we say we build with DAO's – we mean it. We’re thrilled to also have support from DAOs like WOO DAO, Chain Forest, Yield Guild Gaming, Global Coin Research, IndiGG, Paragons DAO as well as founders, core contributors and operators from 1Inch, UMA Protocol, Zora, Opyn, Mirror, City DAO, Badger DAO, Llama, Goldfinch, VitaDAO, FIAT DAO, Mirror, Redacted Cartel, New Order, Nouns DAO, Party DAO, Friends with Benefits DAO, Krause House, Index Coop, Cabin DAO, SushiSwap, and Synthetix, involved in our Series A round.

From our first meeting with the Paradigm team, it was obvious we share the conviction that the future of crypto-enabled coordination requires thoughtful back-of-house infrastructure in order to advance, mature, and power a Web3 world. We’re excited to welcome them and all our other new partners into our Utopia.

This new funding helps us pursue two main goals:

  1. Develop and grow our team of the builders and creators who are innovating for DAOs in impactful ways
  2. Create new features, primitives, and initiatives that push the space forward and unlock the full potential of DAOs, including
    • Bookkeeping and Accounting
    • Financial Analytics
    • People Management
    • Treasury and Token Management
    • Fiat On & Off Ramps
    • Sub DAO’s
    • Token Vesting
    • Developer APIs

We’ll be expanding the very boundaries of what a DAO can do and be in every way imaginable.

Come join us!

Welcoming our new + existing partners:

  • Paradigm
  • Kindred Ventures
  • Coinbase Ventures
  • Gusto
  • Circle Ventures
  • Infinity Ventures Crypto
  • Distributed Global
  • Fourth Revolution Capital
  • Spice Capital
  • Chain Forest
  • Cowa
  • Yield Guild Games
  • Global Coin Research
  • IndiGG
  • Paragons DAO
  • John Palmer - PartyDAO
  • Hart Lambur - UMA
  • Anton Bukov - 1Inch
  • Tyson Battistella + Jacob Horne - Zora
  • Pattrick Rivera - Mirror
  • Lonis Hamaili - DeWork
  • Anjney Midha - Discord
  • Mario Lopes - Krause House
  • Sarah, Bhaumik, and Tasha from Crypto Culture & Society
  • Micheal and Jack - Redacted Cartel and New Order
  • Max Fiege - FIAT DAO
  • Jbeezy + Izzy - Lido
  • Patti Hauseman + Alex Zhang - FWB
  • Manasi Vora - Skynet
  • Alec Taggart, Jon Allen - Mirana Ventures
  • Stefano and Hohmward Bound - Mont Virtua
  • Sarang - SushiSwap
  • Jordan - Synthetix
  • Neel Popat - Donut App
  • Andre Iguodala - Golden State Warriors and GP Mastery Ventures
  • David Faktoki - Golden State Warriors
  • Mason - BadgerDAO
  • Todd White - Vita DAO
  • Alexis Gauba - Opyn
  • Ani Pai - Praxis
  • Tyler Kraus - Fingerprints and SquiggleDAO
  • Jason Choi - BlockCrunch
  • Jason Kim + Nikita - Big Whale Labs
  • Cuy Sheffield - Visa
  • Steven Willinger - Coinbase
  • Derevk Hsue, Larry Sukernik - Reverie
  • Gaby Goldberg
  • Todd White - Vita DAO
  • Marc Bhargava - Tagomi / Coinbase
  • Shweta Kayal - Angel Investor
  • Wangarian - Angel Investor
  • Georgios Vlachos - Axelar
  • Hootie Rashidifard - Hash 3
  • Mike Zinaman - Angel
  • Dariya Khojasteh - Layer 3
  • Matz - Cryptex Finance
  • Scott Fitsimones - City DAO
  • Jon Hillis - CabinDAO
  • Big Sky - Index Coop
  • Austin Green and Shreyas Hariharan - Llama
  • Greg Egan - Goldfinch
  • Bernard Chan - Race Capital
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