Utopia is live on Polygon ⛩🎉!

Today we’re excited to announce we’re launching on Polygon to support the growing community of DAOs and projects on the chain.

Polygon is a leader in exploring how to scale blockchains and developing technology that makes web3 accessible for all. It has an amazing and storied community of projects and supporters. The benefits of increased speed, efficiency, and lower cost make it an attractive option for web3 teams.

And Utopia is excited to support amazing DAOs and crypto-enabled organizations no matter where they live!

What is Polygon:

Polygon is an L2 scaling solution that helps Ethereum smart contracts with speed and scalability.

Polygon uses a modified proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that enables consensus to be achieved with every block.

But Polygon is working on an array of different scaling solutions! two of many being:

Polygon Edge/Subnets:

  • A modular and extensible framework for building private or public Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

Polygon Hermez

  • Hermez is an open-source zk-Rollup optimised for secure, low-cost and usable token transfers on the wings of Ethereum.

Polygon also has a deep commitment to sustainability with plans to go carbon-negative this year, and climate positive beyond that.

Communities we’re excited about on Polygon:

Polygon is home to many amazing DAOs and crypto projects; One of the amazing communities that inspired us to launch on Polygon was PoolTogether.

PoolTogether is a crypto-powered savings protocol based on Premium Bonds. Users can save money and have a chance to win every week.

New chain same Utopia ⛩

Using multichain on Utopia is the same experience as eth-mainnet with no lessened functionality!!! Any Polygon DAO with a Gnosis Safe can use our full suite of features!

  • Polygon DAOs can create recurring and 1-time payments on Utopia and pay them out in less than 2 clicks. These two clicks create a transaction through their Gnosis SAFE paying the team’s recurring compensation.
  • Once the transaction is created, DAO multi-sig holders sign and execute the payment on Utopia without any gas! Our signing page lets multi-sig holders get a clearer picture of their Gnosis transactions and avoid paying gas individually.
  • To avoid back-and-forth messages, a Utopia payment request link can be shared with the community. Individuals expecting payment can submit how much they should be paid along with information on the context of the payment.
  • DAOs can track and download their payment history - giving them a detailed breakdown of the DAO’s expenses.
  • In may, Utopia will have a bookkeeping feature that will allow Polygon DAOs to categorize and get analytics on all their DAO’s transactions

Looking to join Pooltogether in freeing your team from operational overhead? Book a demo below

You can access Utopia on Polygon here:

Learn more about Utopia at utopialabs.com

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