Why Fingerprints DAO selected Utopia to manage their payment requests.

About Fingerprints

Fingerprints DAO curates and collects artworks that use smart contracts in exceptionally creative ways. They bring together artists and builders to produce fingerprints of the blockchain.

Products Used

  • Payment Requests


Fingerprints DAO has various project initiatives that spread across contributors from all different time zones with 50+ active contributors.

Whether it's payments for gas fees, event venues, software solutions, to PR agencies, Fingerprints DAO previously had a hard time being able to organize + manage all of the operational expenses that came with operating a DAO at scale.


Fingerprints DAO chose Utopia as it's flexible payments solution to streamline their invoice + expense processes.

By simply sharing one link to contributors, Fingerprints DAO contributors were able to submit a payment request associated with their operational expenses.

This allowed for the Fingerprints DAO's operations + finance team to streamline their review, audit + bulk transaction execution process.

It's unlocked a new level of speed for our operational transactions that wouldn't otherwise be possible, owing to the great payment request feature Utopia has developed.

Lucas Pontes, Fingerprints DAO


Because Utopias’s infrastructure serves as the connective layer across all of Fingerprints DAO's payment operations, Fingerprints DAO can reduce operational costs, leading to further opportunities to maximize what matters most - their work curating, collecting, and creating.

With this partnership, Fingerprints joins several DAO's using Utopia today to scale and adapt their contributor payments, accounting, and reporting. Utopia now counts several DAO's in their respective verticals (NFT's, Investing, Media, DeFi) as prospective design partners + clients.

I believe pretty much all serious DAOs should have a tool like this. Accounting and financial processes are often overlooked, and end up snowballing into serious issues down the road. Blockchain data has no metadata, so you won't remember what that random transaction you did yesterday was for a few months from now.

Lucas Pontes, Fingerprints DAO

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