Utopia Oasis Issue #1

Hi there! 👋

Welcome to the first issue of Utopia Oasis, where I bring you fresh updates about our product, workflow tips & tricks, and food for thought.

We’ve been heads down and building this sprint and I have some fire updates for you. Short on time and want to cut to chase? Read our changelog here.

Product Updates

🤖 Discord Bot Notifications

Small update, big impact. Introducing our first ever Utopia Discord Bot, designed to notify you of new transactions that need to be signed and when your transactions have been executed. Learn how to set up Utopia notifications for your DAO in under 2 minutes here.

🌊 Simplified Workflow

Huh, Victoria, requests look different now! It sure does Anon; we took in all your feedback and simplified this workflow. All Incoming Requests now live on one page, meaning you can Approve, Archive, and Create transactions all in one place. No more navigating through three different tabs. Visualize all your incoming requests in a singular table.

Cheat Sheet

  • Payments being sent to external wallets will have a red icon beside the wallet. To set a wallet as verified: Click into the request > Click “Save Wallet” > Add information > Click “Save.”
  • If a request is not approved by an administrator, it will have a "Pending" status. To create a transaction, all requests must be approved.
  • To Reject a request: Select the request > Click Archive.

🥚 Batch Contributor Actions

The days of accepting, rejecting, or assigning roles one by one for each of your contributors are over! Batch these actions by multi-selecting contributors and clicking on your desired action.

🗑 Archive Payment Request Categories

This update may just as well be a team favorite… we’re so excited to announce that you can finally archive categories within your Payment Request forms. We want to support payments for all types of workflows, big or small. You can simplify your forms and streamline information by archiving payment categories unrelated to your internal workflows (i.e., Airdrops).

To edit your Payment Request form: Click on the Settings Gear > Click “Payment Details” > Edit your form details on this page.

🔝 A New Topbar & Account Switcher

To top it all off, let’s talk about the Topbar! With our universal plus button, you can create a payment request, a payment plan, or add a contributor at any point in your workflow. In addition, we’ve made improvements to our account switcher: seamlessly navigate through your different safes without having to reauthenticate.

Oasis Tip

Catch your contributors who may accidentally submit duplicate requests by sorting by Recipient. In fact, you can toggle and sort your Payment Requests by Recipient, Request Amount, Category, or Request Date. This feature is helpful for deriving quick insights about your incoming Payment Requests.

Summertime Sadness

I want to close this issue by extending care and love to all of you in this community. Beyond the declining floor prices, rising burn rates, and endless memes, this bear marketing is affecting real people at the end of the day. Now, more than ever, we thank you for your ongoing support, feedback, and every ounce of attention you spend on us.

Please know that the Utopia Team is ready to support you as best as we can. 🤍

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