Introducing Morty

Personal data is the foundation of our digital society. Most value creation in our life regarding e-commerce, streaming media, travel, and sports is build with that data.

Through the smokescreen of improving their services, large incumbents like Facebook, Amazon or Google centralize vast amounts of it, effectively funneling to targeted advertising. Unfortunately, none of the resulting revenues are shared with customers.

Moreover, incumbents historically made it really hard for customers to control their data. Here, legislators in the EU, California or China haven taken measures to mitigate that issue. For instance, the European GDPR defines a right to take away your data, essentially providing consumers with a way to download their data in an expressive digital format.

At the same time, from a user perspective, this does only help a bit. First, significant technical capability is needed to analyze the data, most often not prevalent on the consumer side. Second, the data is way more interesting on aggregate level - allowing e.g. benchmarking music taste between with your peers, which is not accessible to the user. While this is the status quo, incumbents further grow their economic power, while consumers are essentially exploited. As consumer cannot reign over their data autonomously, they also cannot monetize their data, and smaller market participants have huge market entry burdens.

🖖🏽 In this context, we build Morty.

Morty is a platform for consumers to safely monetize personal data. It allows to collect sensitive data easily, by linking existing account. Through building on world-leading research, the data is always 100% secure and private. In that way, we build a foundation for consumers to make a fair amount of money from their data, overall regaining data autonomy.

For businesses and developers, Morty allows to build on a novel fidelity of customer data. As the product is designed privacy-first from the ground up, customers have no risk of being exploited when putting their data on stake with Morty. From a developer perspective, this creates an unprecedentedly detailed graph of user information. If we can manage to attract a critical mass, the resulting graph will be highly game-changing, through way higher interconnectedness and cross-modality. Instead of having many, many impartial digital alter egos on the web, Morty recreates the complete, but secured picture.

Setup as a DAO tokenized marketplace, Morty installs strong incentives for growth. In that way, we yield >80% of data revenue directly back to the users. To incentivize existing incumbents to adopt our data export standard, we encourage them participate in the DAO through token ownership.

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