The uwu Art License + Community Collection
uwucrew #3976 by @seekgoliath for @ligaratus_
uwucrew #3976 by @seekgoliath for @ligaratus_

Today, uwu Labs is excited to share the uwu art license. It’s designed to encourage derivative works but also respect the holder’s rights, as we believe their NFT is a representation of them!

The uwucrew NFT collection will be following this art license, but we encourage other projects to adopt the uwu license as well!

Keeping it uwu

At uwu Labs, we believe “keeping it uwu” means:

  • Giving proper credit and respecting the artist(s) behind the art

  • Respecting how the owner of an NFT would want their NFT to be represented

  • Welcoming derivatives, but requiring NFT ownership or clear permission from the NFT owner for commercial use

With that in mind, we would like to announce the following art licensing for uwucrew:

**Holders: **CC BY 4.0 (

For the NFT(s) you own you’re free to:

  • Copy or share in any medium

  • Make derivatives, remix, or transform in any medium, even commercially

  • As long as you give proper credit to uwucrew

**Non-holders: **CC BY-NC 4.0 (

For any NFT in the collection you’re free to:

  • Copy or share in any medium

  • Make derivatives, remix, or transform in any medium, but NOT commercially

  • As long as you give proper credit to uwucrew

uwucrew Team: The uwucrew team reserves rights to use all uwucrew collection NFT art and all derivative art for promotional use.

This is the baseline usage license for all NFTs under the uwu art license, but there are some additional clauses we’ve specified below as well.

PFP NFTs as characters

uwucrew #5013 by @tiplouuf_ for @AyayaHagen
uwucrew #5013 by @tiplouuf_ for @AyayaHagen

As part of the uwu culture, we believe NFTs can represent one’s online personas and identities. We hope to encourage a culture of representing people through their NFTs, .

Under the uwu art license, the owner of the NFT not only owns the art, but also the character of the NFT as well — meaning that they have the ability to grant permission for others to sell derivative art that includes their character for as long as they own the original NFT.

Keep in mind that this permission only persists for the owner of the NFT, so if the original NFT is sold after permission was given, commercial usage permission of the character must be requested again from the new owner.

Part of “keeping it uwu” means being mindful of how you represent someone’s NFT character in derivative works. If you think someone would be uncomfortable with how they are being represented, remember you can always ask for permission from the NFT owner!

Community Collection

In order to give our non-holder community members an opportunity to contribute to uwucrew, we are introducing the concept of a “community collection” to the uwu license — a small subset of team-owned NFTs which are under a CC0 license!

Community collection uwus can be used for anything, such as:

  • Enter into uwucrew derivative art contests to win prizes

  • Draw, mint, and sell derivative works of mascots

  • Include uwucrew as a feature in other NFT collections

**Community Collection: **CC0 (

For all NFTs in the community collection:

  • Anyone is free to copy or share in any medium

  • Anyone is free to make derivatives, remix, or transform in any medium, or use for any purpose, even commercially

“The Crew”

We’ve picked the following 25 uwus from the uwucrew and team members’ wallets to start the community collection a.k.a “The Crew”! Once an uwucrew NFT is added to the community collection, it will never be removed. More uwus may join The Crew in the future!

Although this license caters specifically to uwucrew, we hope that other projects will also adopt the uwu art license to encourage an art-focused community abundant with derivative works!

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