Announcing uwuDAO: Fully community managed wallet

Since launch, we have had a portion of funds allocated for usage by the community however they see fit. But we have yet to set it up in a manner where it can actually be discussed on and controlled by the community. With that being said, we are excited to announce that we will be creating a separate multi-signature wallet for these allocated funds, and will help prepare a community majority setup of custody!

This process will be referred to as uwuDAO (not to be confused with daowo). At uwucrew, we have roadmap items and goals that we target internally. However, we understand there may be goals that the community would like to build/fund that may not require the main uwucrew team in order to execute.

In order to provide our community with the resources they may need, we will be initiating a multi-signature wallet with a 3/5 setup, where a majority of the wallet signers will be elected by the community. By having a majority community-owned set up, we hope that the uwucrew community can perform more independently, and create for the community in new and different ways from what the uwucrew team has plans for.

Once the community has decided on reasonable candidates for the multi-signature wallets, the community wallet will be given 36ETH, and these funds can be used however the community sees fit. Before any usage of this wallet, the community must agree through a Snapshot governance vote (Snapshot is a tool we can use to vote with our NFTs! 1 uwu = 1 vote), but before it reaches Snapshot the community may discuss the proposals in the community Discord.

As part of our roadmap, the community wallet is allocated 72 ETH in total, we will be starting with giving it 36 ETH and provide the rest of the funds after the community has successfully executed 5 proposals to align the community towards coordinating.

Some ideas for fund usage:

  • General grant program usage for anything the community wants carried out and performed.

  • Hiring artists/animators to work on community built content. (Discord stickers, animations, marketing materials, derivatives, etc.)

  • Funding for a product/website/service that the uwucrew community may desire and use (games, product ideas, dune dashboards, etc.)

  • (In the future) The community may hire artists to build out voxel attractions or decorations in Sandbox!

We will be holding elections for the multi-signature wallet signers in the uwucrew Discord. A Google Form will be posted in the holders announcements channel that applicants can fill out to later be given a multi-sig wallet signer candidate role. After discussion and community consensus, a snapshot page vote will be held where uwucrew NFT holders can select 4 of the 5 wallets to become multi-signature signers and be trusted to execute community wallet actions.

One of the signers of the wallet will come from the uwucrew team, in order to guide the new signers and align the community wallet with uwucrew (and vice versa). While uwuDAO is intended to be an independent entity from the uwucrew team, the uwucrew team can of course collaborate with and/or provide any relevant resources to uwuDAO.

Requirements for being a multi-signature wallet signer:

  • Promote good culture, participate in the community, and encourage collaboration.

  • Must be wary and vigilant with regards to safety within web3.

  • Must be capable of verifying transactions by checking to/from addresses, value sent, and transaction information. (there will be some light training on Gnosis Safe usage after elections).

We hope the community finds ways to perform independently and to build/collaborate in ways the uwucrew team may not be able to. This can also be a way for the community to support and benefit from our fantastic artist community! We welcome the community to introduce new ideas, use cases, and provide value in exciting ways!

Thank you for reading everyone!

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