uwulabs x Zeronis: Announcing KillerGF
May 3rd, 2022

uwulabs and uwucrew as a community

When we decided to rebrand to uwulabs as a team and shift our focus towards building uwucrew, we’ve always had one core principle in mind. The art comes first and is the top priority for what we want to support and foster in with NFTs. NFTs as an industry and platform have onboarded and changed the lives of countless artists, allowing them to express themselves freely and create in new ways. We are very proud of the community that uwucrew has formed, consisting of several talented anime artists who publish on Foundation and OpenSea, and community members and collectors who support creators as well.

Zeronis and KillerGF: A new collaboration

With that being said, we are extremely proud to announce our collaboration on a new project with the amazing artist Zeronis. Zeronis has an outstanding portfolio of over 10 years of work as a concept/character designer for Riot Games. Working on popular League of Legends characters and concepts such as Ahri, Star Guardian, and KDA. For the last 2 months, we have been working in collaboration with Zeronis on a new original NFT collection!


KillerGF is a collection of 7,777 generative portraits with over 240 meticulously designed features that contrasts cute and aesthetically appealing girlfriends that also happen to be dangerous assassins. The inspiration for the project came from the combination of Zeronis’s love for creating badass and beautiful female characters while also bringing a bit of the yandere flair to the mix.

The Story

In a world marred by corrupt politicians, tech execs, and self-obsessed influencers, there is a secret thriving society of highly skilled, untraceable killers who pose as unsuspecting girlfriends. This hidden covenant, called the KGF, formed solemnly from ancient roots of female assassins throughout the ages, have brought down governments, religions, and supernatural entities — and now exist to create the necessary chaos in the modern world.

We believe this collection manifests Zeronis’s art history extremely well, and are very excited to reveal it! It has been incredibly fun to work with Zeronis and see his talent be applied to a large scale NFT collection! There are even some uwucrew references in the collection, see if you can find them! This is the first public reveal of this project, so follow on Twitter and join us on Discord to stay tuned!

How does this help uwucrew?

Because this is a collaboration, and uwulabs is serving as a team to Zeronis to allow him to create freely and help launch, we are proud to announce that all uwucrew holders will receive an early chance to mint plus a discounted mint price for this collection! On top of this, a portion of the funds raised from KillerGF will go towards the uwucrew community wallet, for use by the uwucrew team and community!

Holders of Zeronis’s KAMI collection on Foundation will also be included in this early sale as well!

When can I get a KillerGF?

We are nearing completion on this collection with Zeronis, but a final release date is not set yet. We are most likely targeting around mid January. Please stay tuned!

What does this mean for uwucrew development?

Nothing changed at all! We are simply assisting Zeronis with their launch. Our main priorities and roadmap items are still being worked on as promised, with several other surprises (like this) being worked on as well :) We hope this is a nice fun surprise to everyone in the meanwhile!!



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