uwu Labs x GASHO2.0 Partnership Announcement

uwu Labs will be forming a long-term partnership with GASHO2.0 to offer our community direct, discounted access to ordering high-quality prints (for any NFT) and other benefits!

uwu Labs

uwu Labs is a team formed around developing and building the ecosystem around supporting creators inspired by anime all over the world. The uwu Labs team provides support to uwucrew, Killer GF, and Persona Lamps, on top of providing resources in multiple ways for all uwu Labs Family Collab projects.


GASHO2.0 is a Japanese print-making company that utilizes a one-of-the-kind painting method to create complex 2.5D Relief paintings. The technique used involves thick ink being applied over 16 layers of aluminum, which creates an incredible three-dimensional, textured effect.

GASHO2.0 also regularly performs and participates in NFT art exhibitions, and have even featured uwucrew, Killer GF, and several popular NFT artists in their various shows.

uwucrew featured in an exhibition in Harajuku
uwucrew featured in an exhibition in Harajuku


The partnership between GASHO2.0 and uwu Labs is one that brings the digital, to the physical! We will offer a channel in the uwucrew Discord server to let anyone order a 2.5D Relief print of ANY NFT they own, with worldwide shipping included! Part of the print order purchase includes our referral portion which goes towards possibly running our own NFT Art Exhibit in Tokyo!

This partnership will include:

  • 0.1 ETH Discount on ordering prints of ANY NFT(0.5 ETH -> 0.4 ETH).

  • Special support from GASHO2.0 for uwu Labs art events in Japan or anywhere around the world.

  • ALL print orders with our referral link give uwu Labs a 0.05 ETH referral bonus, which could go towards hosting our own art exhibition one day!

  • After the first 10 orders and every 25 orders after, GASHO2.0 will giveaway a custom 2.5D Relief print to the uwucrew community!

This is the first of many partnerships between uwu Labs and other projects around the world. Please stay tuned!

Order a GASHO2.0 print for any NFT

Use our discount link to order a 2.5D Relief print of any NFT! You can pay with ETH and worldwide shipping is included! Order can take 1–2 months to arrive.

They have 4 size options:

  • **0.4 ETH: Size S Square => 300mmĂ—300mm(11.81"Ă—11.81")

  • **0.4 ETH: Size S Rectangle=> 300mmĂ—400mm(11.81"Ă—15.75")

  • **0.7 ETH: Size M Square => 500mmĂ—500mm(19.69"Ă—19.69")

  • **0.7 ETH: Size M Rectangle => 500mmĂ—700mm(19.69"Ă—27.56")

Note: The price of prints may change in the future depending on the price of ETH.

Reminder: You can order a print for any NFT, not just uwucrew!!!

The textured print gives an impressive 3D effect to 2D art.

Who is this meant for?

These prints aren’t for everyone! They are custom-made with 16 layers of aluminum soaked in ink to create a 3D effect on the print! Consider it an interesting way to display your art!

Can I see more photos?

Of course, you can view more photos and tweets in the uwucrew Discord!

Thank you everyone!

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