uwu Labs x IROIRO: A Family project

IROIRO is the 5th uwu Labs Family project! We're incredibly excited to work with their founding company CyberZ and Sashimi as their artist!

uwu Labs

Over a year since the launch of uwucrew, we are incredibly proud of our progress and respected efforts towards the promotion of our positive art culture throughout multiple NFT communities.

The uwu Labs Family was created to spread our culture out in multiple ways, with the core of our culture being uwucrew, and expansions that started with Persona Lamps, followed by Killer GF and Aiko Virtual. uwu has grown into a massive community of collectors and artists, and we’re extremely proud to continue expanding our vision and reach through various projects and communities!

With this announcement, we finally have given uwu Labs it's own website to showcase the family and more! Make sure to check it out!


"IROIRO" means "colorful" or "various/assorted" in Japanese. The concept for IROIRO began as a collaboration with 10 different well-known artists who each designed a character based on a color and auctioned them off as 1/1s on Foundation. CyberZ decided to take this concept and launch IROIRO as a PFP project in order to build a community based on various colors!

We are incredibly proud to be advising the Japanese team at CyberZ, a subsidiary company of CyberAgent. Kiwi, Morello, and Danny from the uwu Labs team have been advising for IROIRO from the very start, and we were ecstatic when Sashimi later decided to join the team as the main artist. Known for her vibrant and distinctly colorful art, Sashimi is a Japanese artist who has built an incredible reputation within both EN and JP NFT communities, making her a perfect fit for IROIRO. We are looking forward to the projects release and future developments!

uwu Labs x IROIRO

We would love to share with everyone that IROIRO will be the 5th uwu Labs Family project! Now with a Japanese native project joining the Family, our positive art culture of uwu can spread its roots into the Japanese community!

IROIRO also represents the beginning of our relationship with their team at CyberZ. We look forward to continue advising such an impressive company like CyberZ, and assisting them as much as possible into the incredible world of Web3. We are very proud to have their trust!

As part of joining the Family, we will be allocating a larger amount of IROIRO Allowlist to uwucrew and Killer GF holders. Please stay tuned to the respective Discords this week for information on how you can receive IROIRO Allowlist for being a member of these communities!

Learn more about IROIRO!

Website: https://iroiro.world/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IROIRO_NFT

Discord: https://discord.gg/iroiro

Sashimi: https://twitter.com/ssm_a_u

CyberZ: Info about CyberZ

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