uwulabs x Aiko Virtual: An uwulabs family project
May 3rd, 2022

Aiko Virtual joins the crew to become the 3rd uwulabs family project! They soon let uwulabs family project NFT holders claim allowlist to mint!


When we started working on uwucrew, as a team we decided to form the group of uwulabs and begin promoting a strong art culture within the Anime art NFT space as much as possible. This began with uwucrew, and then continued into building and helping maintain Persona Lamps, and then Killer GF. uwu has grown into a massive community of collectors and artists, and we’re extremely proud to expand our vision and reach through various projects and communities!

Aiko Virtual

Aiko Virtual is an upcoming collection of 8,888 NFTs on Ethereum co-founded by Vinne and Kyo. Vinne is the artistic lead behind the visual direction while Kyo is the fashion and design guru. Aiko’s project manager, Garrid, has also made some incredible uwucrew derivatives! The goal of Aiko is to create a premium concept that straddles the line between art and fashion, with a collection rich in lore and personality.

uwulabs <> Aiko Virtual

We are extremely excited to share that the next uwulabs family project will be Aiko Virtual! uwulabs will be assisting with bringing Vinne and Kyo’s vision to life, and integrate Aiko Virtual into the uwulabs family!

As an uwulabs family project, Aiko Virtual will be a long-term partner of the other family projects, collaborating and supporting each other when possible!As part of this partnership, we are happy to announce that Aiko Virtual will soon be letting uwucrew, Killer GF**, and Persona Lamp holders **claim allowlist to mint Aiko Virtual! More details will be announced very soon from the respective projects!

uwulabs is looking forward to learning more about world building and fashion from Aiko Virtual, and integrating the uwu community into the Aiko world!

Check Aiko Virtual Out!

Stay tuned, stay virtual! Keep track of future announcements from Aiko Virtual and uwulabs!

Website: https://aikovirtual.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aikovirtual

Discord: https://discord.gg/aikovirtual

Vinne: https://twitter.com/vinneart

Kyo: https://twitter.com/dyinginkyoto

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